7.2.17 — Richie English, Ticket Giveaways and Meet and Greet Chaos!

On the pod today we have the second half of our interview with Richie English, info on our huge Huber Heights ticket giveaway and answers to your (loud) Meet and Greet questions!


Plus, find out how you can win this copy of the new Goo Goo Dolls EP,You Should Be Happy‘ and a guitar pick!


One thought on “7.2.17 — Richie English, Ticket Giveaways and Meet and Greet Chaos!

  1. I absolutely loved this interview. That level of depression he talks about…that’s the frame of mind I was in before I heard “So Alive” (thanks again for interviewing me!). I don’t think I said in my interview, but there were many times the “s” word crossed my mind, and I had actually entered into the world of addiction. It’s so ironic the album hit him the opposite way it hit me. I just love how upbeat and inspired he seems to be now. He sounds like an awesome guy.

    And as for the people complaining about M&Gs: I am a 25 year die hard U2 fan, and they NEVER host them! It’s hit or miss. You have to be at the right place at the right time, and whether they stop to greet you is anyone’s guess. Granted Bono is very nice to the fans (I was blessed to meet him), but there is nothing prearranged. I think it is wonderful the GGD s have them as they do!

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