ABC News Radio – Starting tonight, Goo Goo Dolls will take the Long Way Home…and Phillip Phillips’ coming with them

Goo Goo Dolls kick off their Long Way Home tour with Phillip Phillips tonight in Mountainview, California.   Goo Goo Dolls frontman Johnny Rzeznik says when it comes to writing a set list, there’s only one hard-and-fast rule — “You gotta play all the hits.”

“There’s, like, 12 or 13 songs that you have to play, and then you get some latitude and you can play what you want in between there,” Johnny tells ABC Radio. “And the shows are getting longer, ’cause now it’s, like, 12 albums…I never thought we would have 12 albums out!” 

“But you gotta take care of the people that come to see you,” he adds. “They want to hear something, you gotta play it for them.”

That means fans can look forward to hearing favorites like “Slide,” “Iris,” “Black Balloon” and “Name,” along with material from the Goos’ new EP You Should Be Happy.  All in all, Johnny says, it’ll be a great summer evening, especially because a special promotion allowed some fans to buy tickets for $20.

“It’s a great chance for everybody to get a night out, y’know?” he tells ABC Radio. ” And we’re doing this thing where some of the tickets are gonna be 20 bucks, which I think is awesome. Because…who doesn’t have 20 dollars to go out and have a great night?”

Adding to the night of great music is Phillip Phillips — Johnny’s a big fan of the American Idol season 11 champ.

“I love his music…I love his attitude,” Johnny says of Phillip. “He’s the real deal.  He’s so earnest about what he does and he’s very passionate about what he does. His voice is very soulful, he’s got a great band — it’s just entertaining, you know?” 

The tour will wrap up September 17 in Goldendale, Washington.

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Starting Tonight, Goo Goo Dolls Will Take the Long Way Home

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