Cash Cash “Lighting” featuring John Rzeznik

Collaboration with Cash Cash and John Rzeznik recorded in early January 2014.

“Lightning” will be available March 24 on Beatport and iTunes


  1. I was speaking thou I had spoken to harse about what is going on with J RZEZNIK,He is just trying to move forward with the new times,So, Im sorry for saying some of which I had applied.For ever a GOO GOO DOLL FAN!!!!D.

  2. I agree!!! What is going on with J RZEZNIK and none??Im totally blown away by some of the stuff going on as of recent!!!Johnny Rzeznik,does song with cashcashthan Mike losses hes job and we were told good luck to Mike from Robby &Johnny Rzeznik& Absolute goo staff.I just hope sooner than later,someone will look in the mirror and say what the F##$$% have I been doing!!PLEASE no more plastic surgery either getting kind of scary!!J REZEZNIK you are beautiful as you have said to others follow your own words of wisdom!!!Love the band GOO GOO DOLLS PLEASE keep it REAL for you and your FANS!!!LUV YA,D.

  3. And what conversation is there to join? No one ever has anything interesting to post because the subject of the conversation is so boring.

    • You found something to say about it. Have a good day.

      • you’re witty. i like it! take care

  4. Oh I see, criteria to work with john now, is that you have to be a fan of his. you like the band for 5 years (cash cash is what like 20?), request to work with john and boom, it’s arranged? well if that’s all it takes… sign me up, because i have been a fan since SSCW (you know, when the GGDS were still the GGDS) and i know how to use computer software, we can create real crappy music together. But from the looks of it, this is probably their last studio album with WB, so I’m out of luck. And thanks for firing Mike without any notice to his fans. Jerks.

  5. what is this techno dance shit?

    • Cash Cash, being long-time fans of the Goo Goo Dolls, requested to work with John. The song is being well received across musical genres. Join the conversation on the message board at

      • of course it is climbing these online mindless charts, all you have to do is click over and over on the “vote” button or you can have a bot do it for you. let’s see WB renew their contract. that spells “cash cash” to john :)