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InRock – December Edition of Robby’s Lobby

Hello In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby, a chance for us to catch up here in the pages on the mighty In Rock as we have for over 10 years, and as always, thanks for stopping in and checking up on us! I’m back home in Buffalo, NY after a busy month of touring and recording during what we mistakenly call the “quiet time” after the Sumer Tour cycle. I’ll fill you in on a bit of the action as well as some of the unique situations surrounding the various cities we visited on this run as well.

Goo Goo Dolls performed a handful of shows around the US, flying from coast to coast a few times to perform for a variety of audiences around the country. The first show was in Charlottesville, VA and a set to conclude The University of Virginia’s 200th Anniversary celebration, we performed along with a full orchestra and multi media presentation in front of the famed “Rotunda” one of the most historically recognized structures in the US. Charlottesville has a great tradition of education at UV, but they are also embroiled in a controversy over removing US Civil War Statues because of their historically “racist” overtones. Supporters of both sides of the issue have met this with some unrest and there were political rallies outside the event with people being removed earlier in the day for protesting inside the event. It was a pretty intense moment, but once the dust settled it was a great show despite the controversies and after speaking with students and faculty it was obvious to us all that the attendees and organizers were aware of the unrest and eager to see it brought to a peaceful and amicable solution if there is one.

We then flew to Napa Valley in California for a show the next day at The US Safeway Golf Open at The Silverado Resort. This was an amazing dusk/nigh time show amongst the vineyards and palm trees after a full week of PGA golf tournaments and the corresponding events that make these tournaments so special for the golfers and attendees. We finished the show and the crew packed up our gear to head to Fresno, CA for the next show and when we woke up the next morning we saw that hours after we left the show the resort we just performed at hours earlier was evacuated as well as hundreds of miles surrounding the venue due to forest fires that eventually spread throughout Napa causing over 50 deaths and over 30,000 people to evacuated from the area. We sat in the next town as we watched the venue we just performed in become engulfed in flames. Another narrow escape from a natural disaster for The Goo Goo Dolls, we’re getting pretty good at this ……

The show in Fresno, CA was great, we played The Big Fresno Fair, I got to pet some cows and pigs, never a bad day when it involves hanging with farm animals, eating carnival food and playing rock. One more long flight brought us to he House of Blues in Chicago for a private event and days later we were off to Las Vegas for another private event that was scheduled at the Las Vegas Village, that was where the horrible mass shooting happened last month during the Rout 91 Country Western Festival, the gig was moved to another venue and went on despite the tragedy. Las Vegas is a very powerful city and they are moving on with their lives, but this is a tragic moment that will be felt by our industry for a very long time. A truly senseless act that will be followed by harsh consequences for the future of live music gatherings here in the states I’m afraid.

On a lighter (and much more fun) note, I’ve also been spending time in Buffalo working with the Tokyo based band Molice on a new album as well as producing/shooting/editing a Music Video at an abandoned Grain Silo on the Buffalo River for promotion. Molice finished up a successful trip to the US and did 7 shows in support of their latest “Signs” EP released on my Good Charamel Records label. Their label mates and fellow Tokyo residents Pinky Doodle Poodle also have a new EP out this month called “Poodle Boogie” available November 17th,, the band has also just returned to Tokyo after finishing up a 40+ city tour of the US.

BUT, lo and behold, I’m home now,it’s 5:45am and it’s Daddy time soon! Wakey wakey, Breakfast, Hamigaki, Homework, Ponytail, Backpack and then drop off at Kindergarten ….. That’s the plan for the next few hours!

All the best to you and please enjoy yourself this month, see you soon!


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Robby’s Lobby InRock Mag – November Edition

Hey Hey In Rockers and thanks so much for taking a few second to check up on stuff here at The Lobby! If you’re a first timer here, I’m Robby from the band Goo Goo Dolls, we’ve just finished a 47 city tour of the US and, well, I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for a little break. It was a really great tour, winding around the US for almost 3 months with opener Phillip Phillips on what we called “The Long Way Home Summer Tour” promoting our newest EP “You Should Be Happy” and the single from that release “Use Me”. The US Summer tours always have their highlights, like The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Jones Beach in NY and of course our hometown show in Buffalo which is always a high point.

As the tour made it’s way around the country there was a huge Hurricane in Houston which flooded the city leaving tens of thousands of people stranded and without places to live. We had a show scheduled in Houston for 10 days after the Hurricane hit, of course we were assuming the show would be cancelled because of the devastation. But just as they were about to make the announcement of the cancellation The Mayor of Houston contacted our agents to ask them to please have the show. He explained they needed to get things moving again in the areas that were able to return to some sort of normal life. They needed to begin having sporting events and concerts to help in slowly beginning to rebuild the economy after the floods.

We agreed to proceed with the show and set up a fund from sales from the evening to be donated to the relief efforts as well as collecting canned goods and non perishable for concert ticket vouchers. We also gave 1000 tickets to first responders and people from the surrounding shelters to get a night away from the intensity of the relief efforts. It will be a long time before things are actually back to normal in Houston, but we are glad we were able to help just a little bit and be a part of getting thing back on track after such a horrible event.

During the GGDS Summer tour Tokyo’s Pinky Doodle Poodle joined us on a second stage for 2 shows as part of their extensive 45 city 2017 US Tour. They also came to play at The Music is Art Festival, (for those of you not familiar you can check out for more info) it’s a 15 stage music/art festival in Buffalo, NY I’ve been organizing for 15 years now and a huge part of my year. It was a great event with over 20,000 attendees and hundreds of artists including performances from Hokkaido EDM artist Qrion and indie rockers The Molice from Tokyo as well! The Molice is currently at my studio in Buffalo, GCR Audio, working with me on their 7th release due out next year on my Good Charamel Records label to follow up last month’s release of their EP “Signs” also recorded here in Buffalo. They just finished a short tour of the Northeastern US before returning to the studio.

A little bit of time here at home, a few gigs a month, a couple production projects and some writing for the next GGDS release lay ahead of me over the next few months, but more importantly some much needed time w/ my family (and some time in the same place for a little while won’t be bad either)! I hope you all have a great month and check in next month; I know there will be all sorts of things to tell you about!


Robby’s Lobby for InRock Mag

August Edition of Robby’s Lobby for InRock Magazine is Up

Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby! I’m here with my band, Goo Goo Dolls on a rare day off spent here in Virginia Beach, Virginia as we make our way through the US on the 2017 Long Way Home Summer Tour with opener Philip Phillips. We’ve been doing 5-6 shows a week to awesome crowds up and down the East Coast of America, we head west to play through Texas and then do the West Coast where we began this tour in Early July!

The GGDS shows have been in arenas, amphitheaters and dusty fields, but always fun and always exciting. John and I have been traveling around for the past 30 some years together, but with both of us having children on the road with us it’s been a much different experience than ever before. John’s daughter Lili is 9 months old and laughing and playing with everyone backstage, and my daughter Hana and my wife Miyoko have been out on the tour for the past 3 weeks traveling on the bus and living the life of a touring rock band. My daughter spent a month in Japan with our family before joining the tour so she was pretty jetlagged for most of the visit, but being on tour is a good place to be jetlagged as we have a tour bus with beds in it sitting right offstage at all times! She did manage to stay awake for a bunch of show, I’m always so glad when she gets to share this experience with us, and she seems to love it too! We have another 20 shows to go and then we move on to recording some new music and some spotty touring over the next year!

Our friends from Tokyo, Pinky Doodle Poodle, are continuing their tour around the US; they have been out for a few weeks including a few shows with Goo Goo Dolls in New York and New Jersey, as they are touring in support of their upcoming release “Poodle Boogie” on our Good Charamel Records label. PDP is now opening shows for a band from Nashville called The Winter Sounds that continues through mid September with a shoe at The Music is Art Festival in Buffalo.

The Music is Art Festival will see numerous artists from Japan joining us in Buffalo for my foundation’s 15th annual music/art/dance festival in my hometown of Buffalo. This year with 15 stages of featuring over 100 bands, dancers, DJs, performance artists, poets and visual artists of all kinds this year we have electronic dance artist Qrion from Hokkaido as well as another Good Charamel artist The Molice from Tokyo who will be here in the US through November doing a short tour in support of their new EP called Signs available this month world wide.

The MiA Festival, my studio, the record label, spreading Japanese music to the ears of people in the states, my daughter’s starting kindergarten, nightly rock shows …. This is my day, I try to get in a swim and such every once in a while and I couldn’t be happier… thanks so much for checking in on me as I continue the journey, it’s been a long time that we’ve been sharing a little time together and I’m glad we’re able to stay in touch here in the pages of the Mighty In Rock …..

All the best …… Peace,

Robby’s Lobby InRock Blog for August

Hello In Rockers and I’m so glad you took a second to check in on me here in the pages of the mighty In Rock, my band Goo Goo Dolls are in full touring mode now as we enter the 2nd week of our “2017 Long Way Home US Tour”. We’re traveling with singer / songwriter Phillip Phillips opening the show, cool guy and he’s traveling with a great band, it’s shaping up to be an amazing summer as we circle the US bringing the rock show around the country.

We spent a week in the desert getting our show together, all of the lights and sound must be organized for the new show as well as cues for the band to follow for the new arrangements of the songs. When your band has been together for over 30 years it gets to be tough to pull together a set list together, there’s a process that I’ve been using for the past 20 years, it consists of taking the set lists from the last tour, disassembling it into 3 categories; 1) “The dirty dozen” ? these are the dozen or so songs that have made it into chart positions or that have been featured prominently to listeners along the way. These songs nearly always appear in the set (because we would probably have boyfriends/husbands lined up by the bus if we failed to play Iris for their loved ones). We also have songs from our latest release, this tour we are promoting our last album “Boxes” as well as our new EP “You Should Be Happy”, that’s usually about 5-6 songs scattered throughout the set, then there’s a couple sets of my songs or “Robby Songs” as they are referred to on the stage. Lastly there’s just songs that we just simply love to play and they are scattered and swapped out throughout the tour. By that point we have gone way, way over 90 minutes and it’s then our task to decide what NOT to play, and that is the toughest part of the process. I guess that’s a point most bands would like to get to some day, but I must say after 11 albums and 30+ years of releasing music it becomes one of the most difficult parts of the touring cycle.

We started the tour in San Francisco at the legendary Shoreline Amphitheater, home of the Grateful Dead, we had an amazing first night of the tour with a great crowd welcoming the new show with open arms and strong voices as we began another long trip around the US.

Simultaneously our Good Charamel Records label is hosting Tokyo’s Pinky Doodle Poodle as they embarked on a 10 week US tour on 07/07 traveling the country doing shows supporting their latest “Jump In” single released in early July. The band began their 35-show US tour in Buffalo, NY, traveling with a session drummer from Atlanta, GA they will travel up and down the Eastern Coast of the country doing shows on their own as well as a 3 week opening slot for Nashville based rockers The Winter Sound. PDP plans to return to the US to continue touring the US West Coat in the Fall/Winter of 2017.

Today I have a day off in Chicago, my wife and daughter are in Japan this month visiting family, so I’m solo today, I’m thinking I might just lay low and maybe see the new Minions movie (my daughter got me hooked), maybe try to have a normal day for a second before we get back into the crazy schedule of the tour! Hope you all have a great month and thanks for checking in on me, have a great month and we’ll see you soon in the pages on In Rock!



InRock Blog

Goo Goo Dolls’ Robby Takac’s July InRock Blog!

Heyhey In Rockers and Welcome once again to The Lobby, a monthly opportunity for me to review the last 30 days of my life and share them with you the In Rock Readers as we have been doing for the past decade here in these pages. This is a pretty unique month for me I must say, aside from the usual musical adventures included in a typical month for me (I’ll get into that later) I have become a (nearly) full time Iku Men with my wife Miyoko currently being on tour with Osaka’s Shonen Knife here in the US. After 5 years of sharing our lives w/ our daughter Hana, for the first time since she was born I am a FULL TIME solo Daddy and it’s been a wild ride so far!

Aside from the daytime when Hana is in pre-school, I’m playing restaurant with a huge cast of dolls and stuffed animals, making soap foam pies in the tub, dancing to Michael Jackson at 7 am at a makeshift disco in our living room among other equally as amazing moments … these are the awesome moments my days are made of. My daughter is learning Japanese as well, so every morning after breakfast before school we do a Skype lesson with my wife to keep up with the class. My ability to speak Japanese is not the best (and I think I may be giving myself a bit too much credit), but my writing ability is non-existent (aside from my name in katakana and a few other choice characters!) so the morning Japanese lessons are a super important part of our day. I’m picking up some knowledge along the way, in Japanese and also some insight into how to deal with a 5-year-old little girl full time and tending to all of the things that are important to her. In short, I’m having a blast spending time with my little girl, but it will be great to have Miyoko back, and have our family back together again for a little while before we start the next chapter of this story with a 60 date Goo Goo Dolls tour in July.

Speaking of Goo Goo Dolls, our new EP “You Should Be Happy” was just released featuring some new tracks to take out on the road this Summer. The new single “Use Me” was released this week as well, we’re super excited to have some new music out for everyone to hear and can’t wait to get out on the road again to make some more music. In the meantime we just finished up a benefit show in New York City for The Toys R Us Children’s fund that helped us donate a huge check to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, as well as a local Buffalo women’s shelter called Compass House and my music education organization Music is Art.

I’ve been busy doing a few other things as well of course, I sang lead vocals on the theme song for a new indie horror film “Johnny Gruesome” which will be out in 2017, it was recorded with past GGDS producer and friend of the band Armand Petri (Sixpence None The Richer, Man O War, 10,000 Maniacs) and we should have something for you to hear in the next few months! The rest of my time has been filled with readying The Music is Art Festival (it’s 15th year) in Buffalo, a day long festival with 15 stages, artists, DJS, dancers, musicians, thespians and a cast of weirdoes that make a 15 hour spectacle of sonic and visual stimulation presented from the talented community I live in. This year after nearly a decade in a beautiful park in downtown Buffalo we are moving down to a venue/industrial area by th Buffalo River for a change of venue and re-imagining of the event. It’s a ton of work, but for a ton of reward, just like anything good in life ….. ok, that’s it for me this week, I’ve got one more private show tonite in Arizona w/ GGDS and it’s back to Buffalo and those super tasty soap foam pies in the tub w/ Hana!

Have a great month; I’ll be back with more from the tornado of activity that is my life…. We’ll talk to you soon!


Robby Takac’s InRock Blog

Goo Goo Dolls’ Robby Takac’s InRock Blog for May

Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby … Hope you had a great Golden Week! It’s now full-fledged spring season here in Buffalo, NY and The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom! It was a warm winter and the blossoms are coming out early this year. That’s awesome on one hand, because we get our minds out of the winter blues, but here in Buffalo our Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival is scheduled for a specific weekend and we’re afraid the Blossoms will be gone in the time that passes! There is a beautiful Japanese Garden in a large park here in Buffalo that hosts the Hanami Matsuri event over a weekend with musical acts and activities for children as well as tea ceremonies and a Cherry Blossom Parade with all of their kids and their families. The event is small by comparison to anything you would see in Japan, and much smaller than many in the US, Washington DC has a major festival every year, but we are very happy we get to have the feeling of cherry blossoms in the Spring while we live in Buffalo. Miyoko and Hana and I got to spend some time enjoying some Ocha on the lawn under the blossoms and our Spring has begun!

Miyoko and I have been home for most of the month readying our personal world for another visit from Osaka’s Shonen Knife for a tour here in the US called “The USA Ramen Adventure” which spends 5 weeks making it’s way around the US through late April and May. If you’re not “in the know” Shonen Knife is an all girl pop/punk band from Osaka, which has been making music and touring the world for the past 35 years, check them out if you’re not familiar.

Setting up an indie tour together is a ton of work for the band and especially for Miyoko who puts the majority of the tour together along with the help of a booking agent, a publicist and myself. I think they may be the ultimate example of a DIY cross-cultural phenomenon, always being able to survive and grow and adapt to keep delivering their message. As in the case of most successful artists, the band’s founder and leader Naoko’s drive and dedication makes it all work with the help of other inspired people who believe in her idea as well.

So, this is where the story gets interesting …. my wife leaves for the tour, and my 5 year old daughter and I are here at home for the next 5 weeks. Goo Goo Dolls happen to have only one show during this time before we start a 60 show run on our “Long Way Home” Summer US Tour, so I’m a full time Papa for the next bunch of weeks, that’s easy, except for one thing, my daughter is in Japanese school here in the US, and now I have to help her with her homework every day before school! So I begin what is a crash course in Hiragana beginning this week! I already know many Japanese words and some simple sentence structure and a bit of useful (and many not so useful, but still un!) phrases from living with a Japanese person for the past 15 years, but I can’t read at all … and here we go …. A, I, u, e, o, ka, ki … it’s going to be fun (I think). Stay tuned…

Ok, It’s time to keep making all of this happen, Goo Goo Dolls have released a limited edition vinyl box set called “Pickpockets, Petty Thieves and Tiny Victories” which is a collection of our first 5 albums, some on vinyl for the very first time, check that out if you like that kind of stuff, and we’ll be releasing a new EP “You Should be Happy” which will be out in May in time for our US Tour!

Enjoy the springtime, and we’ll see you next week with a head full of Hiragana and much more to tell you here in the pages of In Rock!



Robby’s May InRock Blog

Goo Goo Dolls’ Robby Takac – InRock Blog December 2016

Hey hey In Rockers and welcome to the lobby for this month’s update from my little corner of the world, our column written to you today from the front lounge of our Prevost Tour Bus screaming down the highway towards the final few weeks of our 2016 Goo Goo Dolls Boxes tour, we just played an amazing sold out show at the legendary Beacon Theater in New York City. Our singer John and his wife are having a baby girl in December, so we’re about to have a little time off over the holidays. It will be truly appreciated as we have been traveling since April and aside from a few short visits I’ve been away from my family for an awfully long time … I look forward to some quality Princess Parties as well as a few marathon Batgirl viewings with my daughter and some quality time together as a family after this long trip.

We’ll, you may have heard we had an election here in the US this past month, and it looks like our new president will be billionaire Donald Trump. It’s been a pretty crazy election here in the US with people having strong opinions about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump which led to a very, very ugly campaign that divided our country in half. I hope things work out for everyone, I know Trump has already been over to visit the Prime Minister in Japan and I’m sure things will move forward but with a twist, as is what always happens when power changes hands. President Elect Trump takes office on January 20th in Washington DC and until then we will watch as his term draws closer.

Speaking of Donald Trump, I saw a video of his granddaughter doing the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song by Piko Taro on YouTube the other day, my wife had shown the original video to me a few weeks ago, a few days later my daughter started singing it around the house … and I just saw The Cookie Monster singing it on Sesame Street … I think the PPAP phenomenon has made it across the ocean!

My wife Miyoko just finished up a 6 week tour of the USA with Osaka Japan’s Shonen Knife in support of their latest Adventure album. The band has made it over 3000 miles around the US in a van and are now safely back in Osaka having completed another successful tour here in the states. My wife travels with the band doing merchandise and being the record label liaison for the tour, this is her 5th tour with the band but only the 2nd since the birth of our daughter, it’s going to be nice to have the three of us together again.

As I mentioned Goo Goo Dolls are taking some time off in the beginning of 2017, doing just select dates until the spring including 2 shows in Manila and Bangkok in February, we were hoping to add some Japanese dates to the itinerary in Feb but unfortunately we were not able to iron out the details, so fingers crossed for some dates later in 2017. But I will be coming to visit in February at the end of the run with my family to enjoy Japan for a couple of weeks, meet up with our Good Charamel Records bands and have another Japanese adventure with my family while we’re on the other side of the globe…I’ll fill u in on the details as always!

Ok … Greenville South Carolina and another rock show for GGDS tonite, and I hope you have a great month until we talk again here in the pages of the mighty InRock … enjoy the fall and we’ll see you soon!



Robby Takac’s InRock Blog-October Edition

Hey Hey In Rockers! Goo Goo Dolls are on the road HEAVY this month! We are about 30 shows deep into our 2016 North American Summer Tour with Georgia’s Collective Soul and NYC’s up and comers Tribe Society with more than 20 to go! It’s been a great tour so far, starting out in the state of Washington and winding around the continent making it’s way back to San Diego, CA sometime in September! And all at the same time our Good Charamel Records has 2 artists in the US at the moment, The 14th Annual Music is Art Festival lead up and planning is in full swing for a September 10th presentation in Buffalo, and my family has been back and forth from Japan since we spoke last ….. wow …. so much going on, the list is making me tired ….. so let’s get to this!

The GGDS Boxes Tour is making it’s way around the country at a frantic pace, we’re doing 5-6 shows a week and they’ve all been awesome. The band is playing better than we have in a decade and it feels as though there’s a new generation of listeners coming out to the shows. Sometimes they are coming with their parents and sharing th music together, and sometimes there’s even a grandparent in the group. 3 generations of fans, I guess that’s something you’ll start to see after 30 years of making music together. We’ve known Collective Soul for many, many years and they are a great bunch of guys, I’ve included a pic of Ed, their lead singer and myself, he mentioned they haven’t been to Japan for over 10 years and are really looking forward to getting back some time soon. Goo Goo Dolls would like to be back soon as well, and it looks as though we may have some big news coming up soon for all of you in Japan!

The Boxes tour came through our home town of Buffalo, NY this month as well and it’s always a crazy, hectic but joyful day of seeing people I haven’t seen in years as well as sharing what I do in my every day life with the people I leave behind back home when I leave on my frequent trips. We hosted a high school band from my Music is Art program ( to have a full day of seeing a large scale rock tour in motion from early in the day through show time and the dismantling of the show. It was the final day of a 6 day camp the young band attended to teach them some techniques and lessons to take with them to further their musical skills and endeavors. After a 170 person meet and greet we took a minute to catch our breath and made our way to the stage. The show was amazing with an over the top crowd of over 11,000 people in the venue and the sides of the stage was filled with our neighbors and friends enjoying a night of music together.

Before the Goo Goo Dolls show MOLICE from Tokyo came to the US to play a short set in the pavilion of the venue playing songs from their latest Good Charamel Records for the fans coming into the show. They are currently in the US to record some new music at my GCR Audio studio while I’m on the road as well as perform at The Music is Art Festival in Buffalo in September along with Electronic artist Qrion from Hokkaido and Tokyo’s Pinky Doodle Poodle! PDP is in the United States in the midst of a 20 date tour in the US with more dates to come in suppprt of their release “Get It On”on Good Charamel Records! Along with the legendary punk pop rockers Shonen Knife coming to tour the USA in the Fall from Osaka, it’s going to be a J ?Rock filled year here in the US for fans of these great bands!

And speaking of The Music is Art Festival, we’ll be focusing on that in the next In Rock column, as I will be flying to Buffalo for the day to participate and help host the event as I always have! Hundreds of bands, artist, poets, dancers, yikes …..I’m tired already …. Hang in there we’ll bring it all to you right here in the pages on In Rock….

All the best to you this month ….


Robbys InRock Blog ~ August

Hey Hey In Rockers and welcome to The Lobby this month. I’m in Los Angeles again doing some rehearsals shows and television appearances leading up to Goo Goo Dolls upcoming North American Tour. Weユre booked from July through October in N. America and then off to the UK in October. More touring on the horizon in the US and Europe after that, and weユve seen some Japanese offers come through our offices, weユve been waiting to return to play for you all again and we hope it works out for this album cycle! I want you all to hear all of the Japanese I’ve been practicing (and play music for you too)!

Weユre out all this summer doing shows with Collective Soul and a new band called Tribe Society opening the show. We did a show in El Paso, Texas with Collective Soul last week, they’re great guys and I’m sure itユs going to be an amazing summer for us all, maybe you can make a vacation trip from Japan to the US to see a few shows!

Goo Goo Dolls did a week of television in NYC, including a way too early performance for a huge national morning TV show called メTodayモ (also appearing were New Kids On The Block) and played the new single メSo Aliveモ as well as some older songs throughout the TV broadcast. We also did The Conan Obrien show taped here in Hollywood, The Conan Obrien show was the first national TV show GGDS had ever performed on way back in 1993, that was many years and 3 drummers ago. Yikes. Tonight we are in LA doing an acoustic performance for the Grammy foundation and tomorrow a special メtrio acousticモ show in Palm Springs, CA for MyFM. after that more rehearsals w/ lights and video and then it’s into the tour busses and semi trucks for 90 days worth of shows, like I said, it’s going to be a busy summer!

Back in Buffalo, NY, my 4 year old daughter just began taking Japanese classes at The NYS University in Buffalo, she’s now got a bigger Japanese vocabulary thank her father! I will try to keep up, we have been doing Hiragana over the past few weeks and I have gotten through the first few characters and am beginning to feel like itユs something that I might be able to learn. I mean, my 4 year old daughter is doing it right ? I will try to keep up. Try hard.. work hard .. very Japanese right ? Miyoko (my wife) and my daughter will actually be in Japan for a few weeks as you read this column, I’ll be here making rock w/ the band and I have to admit I’m super bummed I missed the trip this time. But, they promised to bring me back something to make up for it, maybe some nice sencha, some spicy curry, or maybe some wasabi rice crackers, so at least I have that to look forward to!

Hope your summer has been great so far, I look forward to making my way back to Japan and I’ll fill you in next month on GGDS and the Good Charamel Records Japanese roster and their ”Adventures”in the US for 2016! All the best to you all and talk next month!

Peace, Robby

Robby’s Lobby: InRock Blog, May 2016

Hey Hey In Rockers and thanks for taking another trip into The Lobby w/ me this month, it’s the first day of Spring as I write this monthユs column and I’m in Los Angeles in rehearsals for the upcoming Goo Goo Dolls 2016 ”Boxes” tour. We have a full Summer of shows booked here in North America with the bands Collective Soul and Tribe Society playing over 60 shows between July and October! We are beginning press and media for this record cycle booking TV appearances, Radio and Podcast appearances and beginning the harried process that leads to a full year of promoting and touring on a new release.

Warner Brothers Records in NYC had a great listening party for their staff debuting the new album at their new offices a couple of weeks ago, with some food, drinks and an excited staff ready to take these new songs to the public! We have a listening party for the staff in LA tomorrow at the WBR Burbank offices that we walked through the doors of over 20 years ago to begin this adventure, at this point weユve been there longer than most of (if not all of) the current staff, but we are excited to move forward with this new team and spread the gospel of ”Boxes” to the masses. We’ll let u know how it goes.

But let’s back up a bit! It’s been a pretty busy month outside of GGDS as well, I helped a friend out with a live broadcast of a charity telethon for an organization called ”Variety Club” to help raise money for medical supplies and assistance for children in need in our hometown of Western New York. I answered some phones, did some on camera segments and signed some guitars to help this amazing group of people raise over 1 million dollars for kids in need. We also attended another fundraiser for The Friends of The Japanese Garden in Buffalo’s Cherry Blossom festival, which is held in April. My wife Miyoko and I are on the committee for the event and we have heard due to the unusually warm weather in the US this winter the gardeners are expecting the blossoms to be blooming early this year so we really are hoping the cycles of nature coincide with the planned dates for the event!

At our GCR Audio recording studios we just finished up an album for a ”synth” based rock band called The Tins from Buffalo (that I co-produced with the band), we have been working on it for the past few months and are super excited it’s finished. The Tins are a great band and renowned artist Philip Burke (Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair) has agreed to do the cover art for the self titled release. Iユll let you guys know when and where it will be available soon. We are also hosting fellow Buffalonians メEvery Time I Dieモ at the studio as they record their upcoming album through the month of April. We’re super excited to have this hugely influential band in the studio making their new music, and are super happy to be keeping it local too!

The new Shonen Knife album ”Adventure” is being released on our Good Charamel Record label in the US on April 1st and on March 23rd in Japan on P-Vine check it out ”Osaka’s best” we love these guys and we know you will too!

That’s it for this month… talk soon and have a great Spring!