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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: a PAIR of Meet & Greets for the Madrid and Barcelona shows.


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Winners of a PAIR of Meet&Greets:
Esther T
Emilio HL
Jose Manuel LF
Manuel GR
Rafael T
Saku FC

Adrienn P
Daniel BG
Elizabet PP
Helena C
Javier C
Jose Antonio AC

Do you have tickets to see Goo Goo Dolls perform in Madrid and/or Barcelona this July? Would you like to win a pair of M&G passes to one of these shows? Don't delay - Enter our lottery now, and good luck!

Reminder: One entry per person per show. Entries close 12 Noon EST 17/6/18. Must be 18 to enter. Meet and Greet does NOT include show ticket. Meet and Greet is for ONE person only & ID MUST match winning name.
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