7 thoughts on “June 5, 2017 AG Podcast

  1. Annie and Gen, this week’s podcast was amazing!!! Thank you! Marie was inspirational and encouraging! I can relate totally with her and the comfort the Goo Goo Dolls music can bring to one’s life! Thank you all!

  2. Hello,Have you ever thought of getting in touch with Tunespeak to give fans the oppertunity of free tickets or meet n greet? <3

  3. Thank you again for having me on your show! And Compass House sounds like an awesome place. Might drop by there in the fall when I go to MiA and Ft. Erie. God, the number of times I drove across the Peace Bridge to visit friends (who literally live off the first exit on Canadian side), not realizing this wonderful band we love is from Buffalo! We’d look across the Viagara…oops…NIAGARA…at the Buffalo skyline

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