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Heyheyhey In Rockers and Welcome to this month’s edition of the Lobby coming to you from Anchorage, Alsaska as GGDS make our way through a short 3 show run through Vancouver BC, Alaska and then Oregon. We perform a trio of shows after a short break back home following a month long tour of Europe. A few days off at home spent camping with my daughter, going to the circus, amusement parks and much more as I try to get in as much time w/ Hana as possible before we were jetting off again to make some more rock!

The European tour was amazing, it has been almost 20 years since our last trip across Europe and the crowds were unbelievably excited to sing along with us after our absence. The tour started at a festival in Portugal made it’s way through Spain, Belgium, Germany, The UK, Latvia and we did an unbelievable festival in front of 300,000 attendees at The Pol And Rocks Festival, surely the biggest crowd we ever had ever performed for, and one of the most enthusiastic for sure. We then made our way through Scandinavia and then headed back to Eastern Europe once again finishing up in Hungary and then Vienna, Austria.

We did a variety of different types of gigs, from small concert halls/bars to large theaters and festival camping grounds built up like small cities for the 10s of thousands people flocking to the shows. These European festivals seem like a rite of passage for these teenagers, some odd the festivals were up to a week long with constant presentations of art and music throughout the day and night, some of the headline shows starting at 1:30am our later. The crowds over in Europe really love to sing and every night seemed like a giant sing along as we made our way through the busy schedule, it was really a truly, truly amazing experience.

Even with the crazy busy schedule we kept while we were traveling abroad, I amazingly got to do a bunch of sightseeing; visiting a castle in in Prague, a restaurant open since the year 800 in Vienna, wandered Old Town in Oslo, took a ferry ride to Sweden, spent a day off in Amsterdam and so much more, a fringe benefit of the job for sure. Lots of great food as well, meatballs in Stockholm, Goulash in Hungary, Fish and Chips in London, Paella in Spain, Schnitzel in Vienna… oh and Swedish Fish Candy (a band favorite) in Sweden was definitely on of the highlights for me! My family even came to visit during the 3 UK shows and they got to see a sold out show at The Brixton Academy. I love when my daughter gets to come out and see a whole show, she clapped along saying that she loved watching me make faces and run around, whatever part of the show she enjoys, I’m just glad she gets to be part of the fun and gets to see some of the world!

Tonight GGDS are playing in Alaska, our 2nd time to this remote area of the world, so beautiful, last night we had a crew/band dinner in Anchorage after a drive through the mountains and glaciers and even a few Beluga Whale sightings along the way. Beluga Whales and Rock, not always a common combination, but here in the wilds of Alaska it all just sort of makes sense. Last time we were here we shot a video called Music in High Places where we were filmed performing acoustically all around the wilderness of Alaska, it’s really worth seeing and gave us a great opportunity to see the sites as we played on glaciers, icebergs and other breathtaking locations.

My Good Charamel Records label has Japanese band Shonen Knife coming to the US in September and October and my wife Miyoko will be out with them for the trip! I will be home for a month with my daughter (I can’t wait!) and the band will be busy preparing for a US tour celebrating the 2oth Anniversary of our Dizzy Up The Girl albums release. More on that soon!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I hope to see you next month here in the pages of the mighty In Rock!!!!




Hey hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby, a chance for us to catch up, and this month I’m truly catching up as I just returned from a quick 6 days in Japan with my wife and daughter and a trip to Canada, now I am now sitting in my house after a whole lot of travel over the past few weeks. Lots and lots of flying and more to come as GGDS are about to embark on a European Tour, well, once we do a string of Canadian shows in the meantime. Keeping track? I’m finding it a little tough myself, but I’ll get into some more details in a bit.

Our trip to Japan was amazing as always, we go to visit the new Yayoi Kusama museum in Tokyo, there is nearly a 2 month wait for tickets so we were very glad when the available tickets coincided with our trip. We love Kusama and I’ve seen her shows on numerous continents, but there was something very special about being in her museum in Japan. Id you’re not familiar, she is a Japanese artist in her 80s who came up through he Avante Garde art scene in NYC in the 50s and 60s who continues to make her art in her very identifiable style. She claims that she is driven to do these paintings to control her hearing “voices” in her head, because of this dynamic there are now many, many of these large vibrant pieces shown around the world. The museum looked at her early career in the 1950s as well as her current work on canvas, sculptures as well as one of her infamous mirrored “infinity” rooms.

Also on this trip, I got to experience my first Obake Yashiki ghost house at Tokyo Dome City called “ONRYOU ZASHIKI” . The ghost house was designed by Gomi Hirofumi, who is responsible for some of the scariest attractions in Japan and he has been doing installations at Tokyo Dome City for over 20 years. My wife and 6-year-old daughter refused to go through the ghost house, so I had to make the decision between not seeing it at all and going through by myself! After some careful consideration I decided to go for it …

After taking off my shoes and being led into a dark hallway waiting for the first door to open I realized the Obake Yashiki was much different and much more suspenseful and scary than the “haunts” I grew up with as a child. All alone I carefully and cautiously made my way through the darkness and came out the other side a seemingly changed person! Wow, I realize now the Japanese designers take these things pretty seriously and I’m so glad I got to experience it, although maybe next time I would prefer not to do it alone.

We had many great meals as we do every visit, w, visited our favorite places to shop and explore and as always it was over way too fast as I had to leave our trip to Japan early as Miyoko and Hana stayed behind to spend some more time as I head to a rock show with TLC, Blind Melon, Eve 6 and a bunch of other bands in Edmonton. The event was called The Soundtrack Festival, it was the first year of the event and considering the event sold out of tickets I have a feeling they’ll be doing it again! We’ve 2 more shows in Canada and another in the US before we head to Europe, I’m glad I have a tour manager keeping track of this all …

GGDS have just finished up mixing a second live album to be released later this year on WB records, the first offering is called “The Audience is this Way” and will be out soon! We’ve headed back to Buffalo with the entire touring band to do some photos for our upcoming European Tour as well as this Fall’s “Dizzy Up The Girl” 20th Anniversary tour of the US. We’re shooting with a photographer named Mark Dellas who we have known since we were just starting out. He’s a super moody high fashion style photographer and we’ve never done a session with the entire touring group, so this should be fun and different for us!

So much going on right now that I haven’t even mentioned, here’s the short list, the MiA team in Buffalo are furiously gearing up for the annual Music is Art Festival in September. Good Charamel Records artists “The Molice” from Tokyo are still here based in Buffalo touring the US, Pinky Doodle Poodle also from Tokyo are also here based in Athens OH doing shows around the US as well. We’re about to make an announcement regarding another visit from Osaka’s Shonen Knife to the US this fall to promote their latest “ALIVE! In Osaka” CD/DVD set, which was released earlier this year.

OK, off to take care of some things at home and then back to making it all happen, as always thanks for checking in, we’ll be talking again soon here in the pages of the mighty InRock …





Hello In Rockers, and Welcome to the Lobby this month coming to you from sunny Los Angeles, California as Goo Goo Dolls begin rehearsals for a Summer Tour of Europe which begins July 20th at The Mare Vivas Festival in Portugal.

We’ve released our first live album, “The Audience is this Way”, it is the first release in a set of 2 live recordings we’re releasing from a collection of shows captured on tours for the “Boxes” and “You Should Be Happy” releases. The first disc came out April 21st on Record Store Day here in the US on Vinyl, CD and download. We’re getting the second disc ready for release as we speak, so hang tight, enjoy some new live GGDS and get ready for another blast of live recordings coming soon.

In other GGDS news, we just made a pretty exciting announcement for Goo Goo Dolls fans here in the US, we are going to do a 2 month tour this fall performing the entire “Dizzy Up The Girl” album to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of it’s release this year. Dizzy was the album that really changed our lives in pretty much every way imaginable, time sure does pass quickly when you’re having fun (and super busy), and it’s great to be able to celebrate this album by performing it in it’s entirety for the first time ever.

In past columns I mentioned my daughter attending Nihongo School here in the US, it is held at a local University on weekends for Japanese kids living in the area. The Japanese students at the school put on a Talent Show with many of the Japanese students attending the University participating, singing, dancing, playing music and having some fun together after classes. As they were tabulating the results of the contest a local Buffalo Taiko Drum Group called “Niagara Shibuki Taiko Group” performed for the students and attendees. One of their members is my daughter’s Sensei and she had heard I played a little Shamisen, so they asked me to perform “The Theme from Naruto” with them at the event.

I had never played Shamisen anywhere but in front of my wife and daughter (and usually in my pajamas), so I reluctantly accepted and ended up having a great time performing with them. Actually we had such a great time that we are planning on doing it again at The Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival in May.

The arts not or profit organization Music is Art that I helped to start 16 years ago is one of the sponsors of Music Day at The Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival. We helped put together a great day of entertainment featuring Taiko Drummers, Japanese Folk dancing, Haiku readings, live painters and performances by Tokyo’s The Molice and DJ Sashimi. I will be performing for the 2nd time in my life on the Shamisen in front of the Cherry Blossom crowd with DJ Sashimi as well as doing “Naruto “with The Shibuki Taiko Group. DJ Sashimi and The Molice will also be performing at The Brooklyn Cherry Blossom Festival and The Molice will be at The Roosevelt Island Cheery Blossom Festival in NYC as part of their 2018 US Tour, which began in Trumansburg, NY in Mid April.

Ok, off to more rehearsals today as well as some time filming promos for the upcoming tours, I hope everyone enjoyed their Golden Week break and we will talk to you next month in the pages of The Mighty In Rock!

Peace …


Heyhey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby, a Springtime version of the monthly column here in the pages of The Mighty In Rock, but here as i sit in Buffalo, NY, it’s been freezing (and I hear it was also cold on the first day off Spring in Tokyo) and just a short distance from here in NYC they were hit with a huge storm on the very first day of Spring. So, let’s think some warm thoughts as we make our way through our journey this month, let’s generate some heat here and look ahead to the warm and sunny days of Cherry Blossom time.

Goo Goo Dolls headlined The Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia this month! A 31 hour total flight from Buffalo to NYC to Jakarta through, you guessed it, Narita Airport. This was surely my shortest trip ever to Japan, but I did manage to get a nice Curry lunch during my layover. I felt like I wanted to run out of the airport just to scream KONNICHIWA and kiss the ground before I got onto the plane for another 8 hours, but once I had some rice and Curry i felt a little better about things and made my way to the gate my 3rd plane.

Having never been to Indonesia I spent most of my short time there wandering around Jakarta visiting the National monument and just walking around the city taking it all in. This year was the first time we had ever been to Southeast Asia having visited Manila ands Thailand late last year, Jakarta was very reminiscent of these places, lots of motor bikes, tuk tuks and people rushing around in a chaotic blend of different kinds of folks making their way through their every day lives. Wish we could have stayed longer to see more of Indonesia, but most of our short time there was filled with press conferences, sound checks and just trying to keep our jet lag at bay long enough to have a great show.

The Java Jazz festival was a eclectic mix of bands from every genre imaginable quite honestly, tons of regional acts as well as Jazz legends like famed guitarist Lee Rittenauer and living legend Dionne Warwick as well as Vanessa Williams, Relish, Incognito, pop newcomer Lauve from San Francisco and many others to make up one of the most diverse mixtures of musical acts i believe we’ve ever been involved with. The audience was amazing, the people we met around the city were so friendly and happy to have us visit for the first time, but as quickly as we made it over to Indonesia it seemed like were just as quickly back on an airplane to the US. A crazily busy few day, although the saving grace was it did mean another one of those ultra short visit to Japan and another awesome bowl of Curry (but this time beef)!

After returning home my wife Miyoko and I began preparing for a string of releases from some of the bands on our Good Charamel Records label over the next few months including the single Sakura Sakura by Tokyo’s DJ Sashimi, she will be performing along with Tokyo’s The Molice at Brooklyn’s Sakura Matsuri celebration. The Molice has a new DVD maxi single being released next month to accompany their US tour which will begin in April and run through August including a string of Cherry Blossom Festival dates across the Northeastern US. And lastly, but certainly not least, the legendary Shonen Knife from Osaka will be doing a tour of Europe in April supporting a new live DVD/CD set called “ALIVE! In Osaka” which will be released in May worldwide! So as I said, busy, busy, busy; but still making it happen

Goo Goo Dolls will be releasing a live album “The Audience is This Way”” later this year, we are putting the finishing touches on it now and we’ll be touring all over Europe / The UK this summer, and some pretty special stuff coming up in the fall too, stay tuned, promise that I’ll frill you in! Have a great Spring and I hope to see you all next month here at The Lobby. …


Robby’s Lobby – June Edition


Heyheyhey and Welcome to The Lobby, Springtime is in the air here in Buffalo, NY …. well, little bursts of Springtime and then more snow and cold. Buffalo is a lot like Hokkaido, we’re very proud of our ability to deal with harsh weather, but right around the end of February we’ve all had just about enough! Luckily, my travels with Goo Goo Dolls get me to some warmer climates to thaw out a bit, and this month offered me a few great opportunities for some personal “climate change” and made things a little nicer in the last few weeks of another harsh Buffalo Winter.

The first gig we played was a private party in Minneapolis Minnesota, that certainly did not help with the cold (maybe made us a little colder), but it was a lot of fun and it’s always fascinating to be in a city when a humongous event like the SuperBowl is taking place. GGDS were also invited to play an amazing event in Miami, Florida through the NFL Football team The Miami Dolphins as they hosted a Running / Biking Marathon with thousands of attendees making their way through the streets of Miami to benefit Breast Cancer Research. The show was at Joe Robbie Stadium after the run where the Dolphins play and we were lucky enough to have the band Big Head Todd and The Monsters as openers for the day. 85 degrees Fahrenheit and Sunny in Miami …. thaw completed.

There’s an old saying in the US when you want someone to know you’ve experienced something before, it goes like this ….. “This aint my first rodeo you know ….”, well let me fill you in. A Rodeo for the uninformed is (for lack of a better explanation) a “Cowboy” show, livestock show, horse riding expo, roping competition accompanying a whole bunch of pageantry surrounding a week long series of events for the attendees including concerts! GGDS made our way down to San Antonio, Texas to perform at this event for a second time, as I mentioned, this was not our first rodeo! We played 9 years ago at the same event, in the round on a spinning stage in a basketball arena usually full of well dressed sports fans. That week it was full of cows, bulls, horses and some pretty brave Cowboys atop thousands and thousands of pounds of dirt brought in to cover the floor for this annual event. In no time at all once the Rodeo ended they wheeled out a huge circular stage and the show began, it really was a great time and after we got over the motion sickness of a spinning stage the night was amazing …. and it was still warm …. I was still thawed.

In other news, I’ve been practicing my Japanese Shamisen as I’m about to perform 2 shows with Tokyo’s DJ Sashimi at The Sakura Matsuri Festival in Brooklyn in April as well as the Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival in May. It will be my first time playing Shamisen anywhere (aside from my living room and the safety of my recording studio), so I’m excited to be asked to be part of the event. Tokyo Rockers and Good Charamel labelmates The Molice will be returning to The US as well to play both of these festivals too as well as The Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival in Philadelphia to begin their 2018 US tour which begins in mid April. Both acts will have new music out soon, check our to hear them and some of the other great Japanese bands on the Good Charamel Records label!

Tonight I head out to do a DJ set at a club in Buffalo, NY I used to work at as a DJ sporadically all through the 90s, The bar is called The Pink Flamingo, just a simple, dirty little place to have a sandwich and a drink and listen to some great music. I’ll be joining the alumni DJs from the decades of personalities that shared music with the clientele over the years. But tonight, 20 years later I’ll be playing sonic jewels like The MC5, Flaming Groovies, Shonen Knife and The Bad Brains on a computer instead of turntables …. time moves forward and so must we !

Ok, That’s it for me this month, I’ll be in the studio most of March and also headed to Jakarta for our first appearance in Indonesia with Goo Goo Dolls for a headine slot at The Jakarta Jazz Fest and more…. busy, busy, busy and loving it ……stop by next month and I’ll fill you in on the rest !

All the best


March Edition of Robby’s Lobby!

Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby … Happy New Year to you all! I’ve just returned from a nice little mini vacation with my family in Palm Springs California, which is like heaven when for 4 months a year you live in a frozen winter wonderland like Buffalo, NY. Making music with the band around the globe allows me a lot of changes in climate as I travel and this month took me to the warmth of Florida, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California for shows, recording sessions and rehearsals.

We survived the holidays with a ton of travel bringing our family to Tokyo for Christmas to spend the holidays with friends and family in Japan. I have been spending every other year in Japan for the Christmas break for many years now and have really grown to look forward to all of the familiar sights and sounds of the city. We took a trip to Kawasaki City’s Fujiko F. Fuji Art Museum to see an awe inspiring Doraemon exhibit by a number of acclaimed artists including Morakami, Nara and Sebastian Masada. I took a necessary trip to the farmers market at The United Nations University and bought a suitcase full of our favorite Japanese teas from our favorite tea farming family. We made our way around the city to visit some of my daughter’s favorite places, she’s 6 so every trip is a nice mix of kid’s fun and the general bustle of Tokyo during the Holidays. A few days before Christmas Day we made a nice little tree out of colored paper and you know that Santa found us, even in our hotel room he found us, Santa is an amazing man, and we love Christmas time in Japan.

Unfortunately my Japan trip was cut short and i left my family to further enjoy the stay, but it was for a pretty amazing reason as I made my way to Narita and flew back to New York City a couple of days after Christmas for a couple of Goo Goo Dolls shows. The first New Years Eve at The Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan ringing in 2018 with a roomful of folks which is a truly amazing old school theater. The next morning we set out to Met Life Stadium in Queens to do a short set during the break of an NHL Hockey Game, oh, i should mention, the performance was outside on a 19 degree F (-7c) New Years Day. Yes you heard that right, so we bundled up and alongside Max Weinberg from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and Ace Frehley of Kiss we braved the cold and performed for 40,000 fans and millions of hockey fans around the globe through their televisions and computers. I was pretty jet lagged through the whole thing, but had a great time and made it home to Buffalo to spend a little time recovering.

The next week we performed a couple of unusual shows, the first of which was on a huge Cruise Liner in Tampa, FL with rapper FLO-RIDA and the other on a golf course after a PGA tournament featuring some of the world most famous golfers in the awe inspiring Palm Springs, CA desert. I even got to bring my daughter Hana to celebrate her 6th Birthday swimming and exploring the desert as well as escaping the cold back home!

Between the shows GGDS have been working on combing through tracks for a new live album due out this year on Warner Brothers as well as doing some recording for future use. I have to say it feels great to be back in the studio making music after all of the touring we’ve done over the last couple of years. We’ve been working with the band in LA and I’ve also been spending a bunch of time in the studio here in Buffalo working on the live tracks as well as some other projects; including a new DJ Sashimi (Tokyo) offering for some US performances in 2018 and a new young band from my home town called Mom Said No.

Lots of exciting things coming up here in The Lobby over the next year; international touring for GGDS throughout the year, a crazy list of places, here’s a few, Indonesia, Portugal, Alaska, Sweden and many, many more …. see what i mean? …..and expect new releases from our Japanese acts on Good Charamel Records as well as numerous acts coming from Japan to the United States for touring as we continue to share some of our favorite Japanese music with the North American public.

Hope the new year has been great so far, I know there was just a pretty crazy snow storm in Tokyo, so let’s enjoy the snow for while while looking forward to the warmer temperatures of the spring and catching up with you next month in the pages of the mighty In Rock!!!!



Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to back The Lobby this month! This weekend was Thanksgiving weekend here in the US, a time to give thanks for all of the people and things you are fortunate enough to have in your life. It’s also a day of feasting and drinking with roasted turkey, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy shared around a table with loved ones and friends. It’s the start of a holiday season that extends through Christmas with many, many events and generation old traditions that make this time of year so magical.

One of these traditions during this time is The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC, which happens every year on Thanksgiving morning drawing 2.5 million people into the streets of Manhattan as well as nearly 35 million from around the globe watching on television to see the parade wind it’s way through one of the busiest cities on earth. The parade is a long trail of marching bands, large inflated balloons of popular characters throughout the years and brightly decorated floats carrying actors, politicians, and dancers and yes, pops stars and musicians (that’s where we enter this story) through the skyscrapers and bustle of Manhattan.

Gwen Stefani, Wyclef Jean, Flo Rida, 98 Degrees, Patti Labelle and Smokey Robinson were among the artists riding the legendary themed parade floats, ours was a Hawaii themed float with John and I perched atop a confetti spewing Volcano complete w/ a waterfall cascading down from the top of the float and the rest of the band below us joined by little kids dressed as frogs while stilt walkers dressed as flowers greeted parade goers. Sit looked like some kind of surreal dream and believe me if felt like a surreal dream as well as we spent 1.5 hours waving to the millions of attendees and finishing the parade with a television broadcast of our single “So Alive”.
The parade fishes up with a visit from Santa Clause in his sleigh pulled by reindeers and the holiday season officially begins here in the US. Right after the parade my family met me at our car and we drove through the millions of people to the airport and made the 1-hour flight back home for Thanksgiving Dinner with our family in Buffalo, NY… what a great way to start the holidays ….

Goo Goo Dolls also did a gig at The Rock and Roll Marathon in Las Vegas this month, the first outdoor show since the craziness of the mass shootings that occurred there in October and under some pretty intense security conditions the gig went perfectly. It was great to see the people of Las Vegas standing strong together and enjoying the music in the night air despite the senseless tragedy that occurred there just a month before. Las Vegas is one of the most unique and extraordinary places in the country and it’s back on it’s feet and ready for action, still wild, but perhaps a little wiser.

Oh, here’s something pretty cool …. I may have mentioned my daughter attends a Japanese language school here in the US. Well, I have been recruited to be Santa Clause for the school’s pageant and have been invited to sing 2 Christmas songs with the kids ? IN JAPANESE!!!!!! So, we will be sharing a recording the songs with you the readers of In Rock for The Holiday season online, so stay tuned to for details on how to hear the songs and my attempt to be festive with Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in Japanese! Have a great Holiday and I’ll be in Japan for Christmas this year visiting friends and Family, maybe we’ll see you in a Curry Shop or the train in Tokyo!

All The Best and Peace to You All!

InRock – December Edition of Robby’s Lobby

Hello In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby, a chance for us to catch up here in the pages on the mighty In Rock as we have for over 10 years, and as always, thanks for stopping in and checking up on us! I’m back home in Buffalo, NY after a busy month of touring and recording during what we mistakenly call the “quiet time” after the Sumer Tour cycle. I’ll fill you in on a bit of the action as well as some of the unique situations surrounding the various cities we visited on this run as well.

Goo Goo Dolls performed a handful of shows around the US, flying from coast to coast a few times to perform for a variety of audiences around the country. The first show was in Charlottesville, VA and a set to conclude The University of Virginia’s 200th Anniversary celebration, we performed along with a full orchestra and multi media presentation in front of the famed “Rotunda” one of the most historically recognized structures in the US. Charlottesville has a great tradition of education at UV, but they are also embroiled in a controversy over removing US Civil War Statues because of their historically “racist” overtones. Supporters of both sides of the issue have met this with some unrest and there were political rallies outside the event with people being removed earlier in the day for protesting inside the event. It was a pretty intense moment, but once the dust settled it was a great show despite the controversies and after speaking with students and faculty it was obvious to us all that the attendees and organizers were aware of the unrest and eager to see it brought to a peaceful and amicable solution if there is one.

We then flew to Napa Valley in California for a show the next day at The US Safeway Golf Open at The Silverado Resort. This was an amazing dusk/nigh time show amongst the vineyards and palm trees after a full week of PGA golf tournaments and the corresponding events that make these tournaments so special for the golfers and attendees. We finished the show and the crew packed up our gear to head to Fresno, CA for the next show and when we woke up the next morning we saw that hours after we left the show the resort we just performed at hours earlier was evacuated as well as hundreds of miles surrounding the venue due to forest fires that eventually spread throughout Napa causing over 50 deaths and over 30,000 people to evacuated from the area. We sat in the next town as we watched the venue we just performed in become engulfed in flames. Another narrow escape from a natural disaster for The Goo Goo Dolls, we’re getting pretty good at this ……

The show in Fresno, CA was great, we played The Big Fresno Fair, I got to pet some cows and pigs, never a bad day when it involves hanging with farm animals, eating carnival food and playing rock. One more long flight brought us to he House of Blues in Chicago for a private event and days later we were off to Las Vegas for another private event that was scheduled at the Las Vegas Village, that was where the horrible mass shooting happened last month during the Rout 91 Country Western Festival, the gig was moved to another venue and went on despite the tragedy. Las Vegas is a very powerful city and they are moving on with their lives, but this is a tragic moment that will be felt by our industry for a very long time. A truly senseless act that will be followed by harsh consequences for the future of live music gatherings here in the states I’m afraid.

On a lighter (and much more fun) note, I’ve also been spending time in Buffalo working with the Tokyo based band Molice on a new album as well as producing/shooting/editing a Music Video at an abandoned Grain Silo on the Buffalo River for promotion. Molice finished up a successful trip to the US and did 7 shows in support of their latest “Signs” EP released on my Good Charamel Records label. Their label mates and fellow Tokyo residents Pinky Doodle Poodle also have a new EP out this month called “Poodle Boogie” available November 17th,, the band has also just returned to Tokyo after finishing up a 40+ city tour of the US.

BUT, lo and behold, I’m home now,it’s 5:45am and it’s Daddy time soon! Wakey wakey, Breakfast, Hamigaki, Homework, Ponytail, Backpack and then drop off at Kindergarten ….. That’s the plan for the next few hours!

All the best to you and please enjoy yourself this month, see you soon!


Robby’s Lobby

Robby’s Lobby InRock Mag – November Edition

Hey Hey In Rockers and thanks so much for taking a few second to check up on stuff here at The Lobby! If you’re a first timer here, I’m Robby from the band Goo Goo Dolls, we’ve just finished a 47 city tour of the US and, well, I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for a little break. It was a really great tour, winding around the US for almost 3 months with opener Phillip Phillips on what we called “The Long Way Home Summer Tour” promoting our newest EP “You Should Be Happy” and the single from that release “Use Me”. The US Summer tours always have their highlights, like The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Jones Beach in NY and of course our hometown show in Buffalo which is always a high point.

As the tour made it’s way around the country there was a huge Hurricane in Houston which flooded the city leaving tens of thousands of people stranded and without places to live. We had a show scheduled in Houston for 10 days after the Hurricane hit, of course we were assuming the show would be cancelled because of the devastation. But just as they were about to make the announcement of the cancellation The Mayor of Houston contacted our agents to ask them to please have the show. He explained they needed to get things moving again in the areas that were able to return to some sort of normal life. They needed to begin having sporting events and concerts to help in slowly beginning to rebuild the economy after the floods.

We agreed to proceed with the show and set up a fund from sales from the evening to be donated to the relief efforts as well as collecting canned goods and non perishable for concert ticket vouchers. We also gave 1000 tickets to first responders and people from the surrounding shelters to get a night away from the intensity of the relief efforts. It will be a long time before things are actually back to normal in Houston, but we are glad we were able to help just a little bit and be a part of getting thing back on track after such a horrible event.

During the GGDS Summer tour Tokyo’s Pinky Doodle Poodle joined us on a second stage for 2 shows as part of their extensive 45 city 2017 US Tour. They also came to play at The Music is Art Festival, (for those of you not familiar you can check out for more info) it’s a 15 stage music/art festival in Buffalo, NY I’ve been organizing for 15 years now and a huge part of my year. It was a great event with over 20,000 attendees and hundreds of artists including performances from Hokkaido EDM artist Qrion and indie rockers The Molice from Tokyo as well! The Molice is currently at my studio in Buffalo, GCR Audio, working with me on their 7th release due out next year on my Good Charamel Records label to follow up last month’s release of their EP “Signs” also recorded here in Buffalo. They just finished a short tour of the Northeastern US before returning to the studio.

A little bit of time here at home, a few gigs a month, a couple production projects and some writing for the next GGDS release lay ahead of me over the next few months, but more importantly some much needed time w/ my family (and some time in the same place for a little while won’t be bad either)! I hope you all have a great month and check in next month; I know there will be all sorts of things to tell you about!


Robby’s Lobby for InRock Mag

August Edition of Robby’s Lobby for InRock Magazine is Up

Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby! I’m here with my band, Goo Goo Dolls on a rare day off spent here in Virginia Beach, Virginia as we make our way through the US on the 2017 Long Way Home Summer Tour with opener Philip Phillips. We’ve been doing 5-6 shows a week to awesome crowds up and down the East Coast of America, we head west to play through Texas and then do the West Coast where we began this tour in Early July!

The GGDS shows have been in arenas, amphitheaters and dusty fields, but always fun and always exciting. John and I have been traveling around for the past 30 some years together, but with both of us having children on the road with us it’s been a much different experience than ever before. John’s daughter Lili is 9 months old and laughing and playing with everyone backstage, and my daughter Hana and my wife Miyoko have been out on the tour for the past 3 weeks traveling on the bus and living the life of a touring rock band. My daughter spent a month in Japan with our family before joining the tour so she was pretty jetlagged for most of the visit, but being on tour is a good place to be jetlagged as we have a tour bus with beds in it sitting right offstage at all times! She did manage to stay awake for a bunch of show, I’m always so glad when she gets to share this experience with us, and she seems to love it too! We have another 20 shows to go and then we move on to recording some new music and some spotty touring over the next year!

Our friends from Tokyo, Pinky Doodle Poodle, are continuing their tour around the US; they have been out for a few weeks including a few shows with Goo Goo Dolls in New York and New Jersey, as they are touring in support of their upcoming release “Poodle Boogie” on our Good Charamel Records label. PDP is now opening shows for a band from Nashville called The Winter Sounds that continues through mid September with a shoe at The Music is Art Festival in Buffalo.

The Music is Art Festival will see numerous artists from Japan joining us in Buffalo for my foundation’s 15th annual music/art/dance festival in my hometown of Buffalo. This year with 15 stages of featuring over 100 bands, dancers, DJs, performance artists, poets and visual artists of all kinds this year we have electronic dance artist Qrion from Hokkaido as well as another Good Charamel artist The Molice from Tokyo who will be here in the US through November doing a short tour in support of their new EP called Signs available this month world wide.

The MiA Festival, my studio, the record label, spreading Japanese music to the ears of people in the states, my daughter’s starting kindergarten, nightly rock shows …. This is my day, I try to get in a swim and such every once in a while and I couldn’t be happier… thanks so much for checking in on me as I continue the journey, it’s been a long time that we’ve been sharing a little time together and I’m glad we’re able to stay in touch here in the pages of the Mighty In Rock …..

All the best …… Peace,