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Title: Beverly Hills Courier: Dolls Rock Out At The Greek
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Dolls Rock Out At The Greek


By Kate MacCary

In a true embodiment of the phrase “rock’n’roll never dies,” fans of this music–from Baby Boomers to a handful of Millennials–gathered at the Greek Theater on Sunday evening to watch the famed Goo Goo Dolls perform an eclectic set of new releases and established rock hits.

The 30-year-old band made a stop in Los Angeles as part of their summer tour, which is opened by rock bands Tribe Society and Collective Soul. These supporting bands played mixed sets of original work and covers of songs in the outside amphitheatre as the sun was setting over Griffith Park.

The Goo Goo Dolls took the stage once night fell, and treated attendees to a setlist comprised of songs released on their newest album Boxes (released on May 6) and their older hits from the past 20 years. The band’s set consisted of alternative rock and ballads, with the members swapping out electric guitars for acoustic counterparts throughout the night.

The extensive light show and special effects that accompanied the music lit up the stage, giving contrasting brightness to the band’s decidedly dark attire and illuminating the sea of bopping heads and swaying hips.

Among songs performed from Boxes, the group’s 11th album, was its first track “Over and Over.” As is common of the band’s high-energy numbers, this song features a solid display of rock drums and a crescendo into a sing-along-worthy belting chorus.

Bright lights and gushing plumes of fog from the stage floor highlighted the rising energy of the crescendos. Lead singer John Rzeznick and bassist Robby Takac took the time in between songs to connect with their audience. They shared anecdotes about the creation of their music.

Before playing 2013’s hit “Come to Me,” Rzeznick related that he wrote the song for his wife, Melina Gallo. Heartfelt lyrics include: “Today’s the day I’ll make you mine/So get me to the church on time/Take my hand in this empty room/You’re my girl, and I’m your groom.”

Rzeznick and Takac also gave the story of how their band was formed: Rzeznick and Takac grew up together in Buffalo, NY, and decided to form a band when they were about 19 years old. They hustled their tunes around parties, and after years of triumphs and falls, found a specific sound that garnered them a solid following and resulted in the production of multiple acclaimed albums and singles.

The band reached commercial success about 20 years ago, and the 1998 release of their most critically-acclaimed and popular song to date, “Iris,” made the Goo Goo Dolls a household name amongst dedicated rock fans and casual listeners alike.

When it came time for the band to play “Iris,” Rzeznick got his acoustic guitar, smiled at the crowd and said “You thought we wouldn’t play this one?” before launching into song.