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Sweeping guitars?

I like the concept of the song. I don’t dig the sound though. Just my two cents.

Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Why Rebel Beat?
« on: June 15, 2019, 01:51 PM »
Been browsing the recent sets the band has been doing in their supporting slot for Train and I am perplexed how this song is still in the set? They've been doing 16 songs; as you'd expect, they're all singles aside from Miracle Pill. I get the "playing all the well-known songs" but why Rebel Beat? Does anyone else find it really hollow and that it adds absolutely no momentum to the set? Plus, ya'know, it is their worst chart-performing first single they have had since A Boy Named Goo.

Better well-known songs that should be in the set ahead of Rebel Beat in my opinion:

Long Way Down
Lazy Eye
Let Love In
Before its too Late
All That You Are

So all those above (I may be missing one, possibly two) all performed better and charted higher than Rebel Beat (apart from Notbroken). And they're all such better, better songs.

Some songs will get deleted from their live catalogue forever and I'd be so gutted if Rebel Beat survived when one of the before-mentioned songs, didn't. I personally think its such a black hole in their set

Anyone agree?

Very nice post, jdt827. I wholeheartedly agree.

Like you, I really didn’t rate Magnetic. Maybe 95% to your 60%; and with time my taste for it has only further soured. It’s the only record I do not listen to one track off. In fact, seeing Rebel Beat on the setlist makes me cringe.

However, I love Boxes. I think for the most part it’s a home run. I always consider it to be the record that Magnetic should have been. Whereas Magnetic is all fluff and no bite, Boxes has an edgy streak yet is still the perfect antidote to SFTROU which is a bit bleak, for lack of a better word.

I’m honestly looking forward to whatever they’re cooking up. The You Should Be Happy EP was actually a perfect little mix of rock n roll and pop. And I actually prefer 30k feet to any of the songs Robby did on the previous two records.

If they use Boxes and the reception the DIZZY20 tour recieved as a foundation, I reckon it’ll be great.

And oh, Foo Fighters used a pop producer on concrete & gold I believe, and that was still a loud rock album. I don’t read too much into who they’re producing with.

Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Re: What do you want in the next album?
« on: February 17, 2019, 01:27 PM »
I dont really care for a rock album. That sound is not coming back because thats not where their headspace is at the moment. John said he didn't want to make the same album twice. I'm just really happy that they are making new music and I would love anything really. I was the one with the most criticism on their pop sound but you know what? I love it all. Magnetic is almost their best album after Gutterflower for me. I would love some songs with the sound of Big Machine, Truth is A Whisper but also Slow It Down, Bulletproofangel and even Reverse, Souls in the Machine.

Give me it and I'll love it for sure, because they own each genre.

I think I may be the complete opposite.

It doesn’t have to be rock, but I really hope it isn’t like Magnetic. If John’s statement that he doesn’t want to make the same album twice is anything to go by though, hopefully it won’t be.

In my eyes, Dizzy20 is the most vital they’ve been in years, that’s why I flew to Seattle to see it and skipped the U.K. tour on my own door step.

Just my two cents of course. Really didn’t rate Magnetic.

Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Re: What do you want in the next album?
« on: January 24, 2019, 09:40 AM »
They can serve up what they want really and I’ll give it a shot.

One prayer would be some more electric guitar.

Does anyone know what the list was?


No Two Days in Feb, Flat Top or There You Are.

Old songs are falling off fast.

Sympathy added.

They cancelled one show and re-scheduled this show.  John was fight and upper respiratory infection.  They dropped those songs due to his voice.  Cut them a break.  I'd be happy to watch them sing the phone!

I’m well aware of what’s happening, and why do I need to cut them a break? What have I said that’s inflammatory?


No Two Days in Feb, Flat Top or There You Are.

Old songs are falling off fast.

Sympathy added.

So now he’s got to sing 5 nights in a row? Is that even possible, especially when he’s ill?

Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Re: Buffalo Night 3 Setlist?
« on: October 23, 2018, 02:44 PM »
Saying that.... I just had a look on Instagram and think I caught a video of Flat Top being played from Night 3, with a super cool “All I want is the truth” outro

Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Re: Buffalo Night 3 Setlist?
« on: October 23, 2018, 02:33 PM »
Have you checked now? I hope to god that’s not true!

The setlist for the second half of the show will be changing up in different places. There have already been some changes. (No, Flat Top wasn’t played in Boston.)

I think it’s a given Buffalo will get different cuts.

I’m officially getting anxious now a few oldies may not make it through to Seattle. All I’ve seen so far is:

-think about me
-flat top

+So Alive

Did they drop Flat Top for Boston last night?! I just checked and it’s not there....

It’s a shame, because it fits the definition of a “deep cut”. Only way I can see it returning is through a barrage of requests

I can see the buffalo shows being mixed up. Which worries me in case an oldie gets dropped before Seattle

Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Re: Buffalo News: John Rzeznik Unveiled
« on: October 12, 2018, 02:01 PM »
I feel drained after that interview. Real sucker-punch of a gut feeling.

Reading about the dark and almost fatal places he’s been to really saddens me because of the hugely positive impact he has had on my life.

I hope he continues to be shrouded in love and happiness and I hope he knows how much his fans idolise him.

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