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From the @googoodolls:

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January Friend:

Clip of Sympathy:

Clip of Name:

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Congratulations to all the winners!

Winners 9/14: Kathi B, Nancy L, John L, Denise M, Jessica R, Marija S, Judy U, Savannah B, Tyler P, Michael B.

Winners 9/15: Susan A, Matthew A, Susie J, Lela S, Diane S, Kris T, Christopher V, Amy L, Jeff H, Bea P.

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One entry per person per show. Lottery closing at noon, EST on August 19.  Must be 18 to enter. Meet and Greet does not include show ticket. You MUST have a show ticket to attend the Meet and Greet. Meet and Greet is for one person only & ID must match winning name.


And the winner is....Colleen G! Congratulations on winning this awesome prize! What a fantastic way to kick off the Fall tour, with your tickets, M&Gs and some merch thrown in too. Check your email, please reply to us, and enjoy your winnings!

We’re celebrating the kickoff of the #Dizzy20 tour in the best way possible – by giving out an incredible prize package to one lucky fan!  How would you like to win a PAIR of tickets to the opening night show on September 30 at the Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ?  How about we add a PAIR of Meet & Greets with the band?  If that’s not enough, we’ve got a Goo Goo Dolls tote bag stuffed with merchandise for the lucky winner!  Entries for this very special package are due on August 26 at noon ET.   You can submit your entry here:


Posted by Liselott Lindberg

Amerikanska The Goo Goo Dollsfrån Buffalo gästade ett solvarmt Gröna Lund på onsdagen.
The Goo Goo Dolls slog igenom med låtarna ”Name” och ”Iris” i början av 90-talet. 2016 släppte de sin senaste fullängdsplatta Boxes.

Som tur blev det lite molnigt i hettan så det blir en perfekt kväll. På plats fanns uppskattningsvis ca 5-6 000 personer och vi får superhitten ”Slide” redan som andra låt. En bit in i konserten börjar publiken komma igång och det känns uppsluppet och trevligt. Basisten Robby Takacs tar över fanan av sångaren John Rzeznik och sjunger på några låtar.

Överläset mest allsång och telefoner i luften får vi så klart på ”Iris” och avslutar gör de med ”Broadway”.
Artist: Goo Goo Dolls

Datum: 8 augusti 2018

Plats: Gröna Lund

Ort: Stockholm

American The Goo Goo Dolls from Buffalo visited a sun-warmed Green Lund on Wednesday.
The Goo Goo Dolls hit the songs "Name" and "Iris" in the early 90's. In 2016, they released their latest full-length Boxes.
Luckily it became a little cloudy in the heat so it will be a perfect evening. On the spot there were approximately 5-6,000 people and we get the super hit "Slide" already as the second song. A bit into the concert, the audience begins to get started and it feels cool and fun. The bassist Robby Takacs takes over the tabloid of singer John Rzeznik and sings on some songs.
When we read most songs and phones in the air, we get to "Iris" and finish they do with "Broadway".
Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
Date: August 8, 2018
Location: Gröna Lund
Location: Stockholm

Click through for photo slideshow

More really nice photos from johnny_petterson_photo:

Photos and video clips thanks to winniehurst:

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Hey hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby, a chance for us to catch up, and this month I’m truly catching up as I just returned from a quick 6 days in Japan with my wife and daughter and a trip to Canada, now I am now sitting in my house after a whole lot of travel over the past few weeks. Lots and lots of flying and more to come as GGDS are about to embark on a European Tour, well, once we do a string of Canadian shows in the meantime. Keeping track? I’m finding it a little tough myself, but I’ll get into some more details in a bit.

Our trip to Japan was amazing as always, we go to visit the new Yayoi Kusama museum in Tokyo, there is nearly a 2 month wait for tickets so we were very glad when the available tickets coincided with our trip. We love Kusama and I’ve seen her shows on numerous continents, but there was something very special about being in her museum in Japan. Id you’re not familiar, she is a Japanese artist in her 80s who came up through he Avante Garde art scene in NYC in the 50s and 60s who continues to make her art in her very identifiable style. She claims that she is driven to do these paintings to control her hearing “voices” in her head, because of this dynamic there are now many, many of these large vibrant pieces shown around the world. The museum looked at her early career in the 1950s as well as her current work on canvas, sculptures as well as one of her infamous mirrored “infinity” rooms.

Also on this trip, I got to experience my first Obake Yashiki ghost house at Tokyo Dome City called “ONRYOU ZASHIKI” . The ghost house was designed by Gomi Hirofumi, who is responsible for some of the scariest attractions in Japan and he has been doing installations at Tokyo Dome City for over 20 years. My wife and 6-year-old daughter refused to go through the ghost house, so I had to make the decision between not seeing it at all and going through by myself! After some careful consideration I decided to go for it …

After taking off my shoes and being led into a dark hallway waiting for the first door to open I realized the Obake Yashiki was much different and much more suspenseful and scary than the “haunts” I grew up with as a child. All alone I carefully and cautiously made my way through the darkness and came out the other side a seemingly changed person! Wow, I realize now the Japanese designers take these things pretty seriously and I’m so glad I got to experience it, although maybe next time I would prefer not to do it alone.

We had many great meals as we do every visit, w, visited our favorite places to shop and explore and as always it was over way too fast as I had to leave our trip to Japan early as Miyoko and Hana stayed behind to spend some more time as I head to a rock show with TLC, Blind Melon, Eve 6 and a bunch of other bands in Edmonton. The event was called The Soundtrack Festival, it was the first year of the event and considering the event sold out of tickets I have a feeling they’ll be doing it again! We’ve 2 more shows in Canada and another in the US before we head to Europe, I’m glad I have a tour manager keeping track of this all …

GGDS have just finished up mixing a second live album to be released later this year on WB records, the first offering is called “The Audience is this Way” and will be out soon! We’ve headed back to Buffalo with the entire touring band to do some photos for our upcoming European Tour as well as this Fall’s “Dizzy Up The Girl” 20th Anniversary tour of the US. We’re shooting with a photographer named Mark Dellas who we have known since we were just starting out. He’s a super moody high fashion style photographer and we’ve never done a session with the entire touring group, so this should be fun and different for us!

So much going on right now that I haven’t even mentioned, here’s the short list, the MiA team in Buffalo are furiously gearing up for the annual Music is Art Festival in September. Good Charamel Records artists “The Molice” from Tokyo are still here based in Buffalo touring the US, Pinky Doodle Poodle also from Tokyo are also here based in Athens OH doing shows around the US as well. We’re about to make an announcement regarding another visit from Osaka’s Shonen Knife to the US this fall to promote their latest “ALIVE! In Osaka” CD/DVD set, which was released earlier this year.

OK, off to take care of some things at home and then back to making it all happen, as always thanks for checking in, we’ll be talking again soon here in the pages of the mighty InRock …




Goo Goo Dolls With The Xcerts @ O2 Academy, Bristol
August 5, 2018 | Brad Biddlecombe
Photo Credit: Chiara Ceccaioni

When I was first getting into music my brother was a pivotal figure in dictating what route my musical journey undertook. One of the earliest crop of bands included everything from Incubus to System of a Down but, one band that really stood out were Goo Goo Dolls. Perhaps it was their name that first drew me in as a seven-year-old but the scratched Dizzy Up The Girl disc was one that didn’t leave my stereo for months and months. As I have grown up and Dizzy Up The Girl approaches its twenty fifth anniversary, the band have become a staple in my music pallet, being used as a comforter for several milestones and obstacles in my life, firmly placing themselves as one of my all time favourites.

When the opportunity arose to see them in Bristol with the very same person who first introduced me to them, I could not turn it down. Fresh off releasing 2017’s ‘You Should Be Happy’, the Bufallo rock band decided it was time to once again grace British shores with their presence. Joining them for the ride were Scottish sweethearts, The Xcerts.

Being a self-professed lover of all things by The Xcerts, it was a surprise to me upon entering the O2 Academy that they were in fact supporting. Needless to say, the Scottish rockers were at the peak of their powers, exercising the finest cuts from their latest release ‘Hold On To Your Heart’. The three-piece commanded a new crowd and lent on their sing-along anthems to entice the crowd to join in with lead singer, Murray’s Springsteen-esque performance. As the set reached its crescendo, the crowning moment came in the form of an acapella performed both by the band and the crowd in tandem to the words of The Xcerts’ very own rally cry ‘Feels Like Falling In Love’.

As the murmurs began amongst the crowd and the music quietened, an almighty bang unleashed from the stage and the instantly recognisable start of ‘Dizzy’ began as the Buffalo natives took to the stage. It was time for the Goo Goo Dolls! Drifting straight from ‘Dizzy’ to another classic from the same album, ‘Slide’ woke up any despondents within the crowd and the entire O2 Academy broke out into full delirium to the 90s hit.

Showing the depth of their discography, The Goo’s navigated their way through their extensive library showcasing not only something for everyone but just how consistent they have been throughout their thirty year career. Newer cuts such as ‘Rebel Beat’, ‘So Alive’ and the emotional encore of ‘Boxes’ show that Johnny Rzeznik and Bobby Takac have certainly not lost their enthusiasm or endearing knack to write tracks that are worthy of selling out Academy venues. A rare performance of fan favourite ‘Sympathy’ upon a crowd request was a complete an utter treat as the track is without doubt one of the band’s finest acoustic tearjerkers.

‘Name’ is without doubt one of my favourite songs of all time and seeing it live was a completely surreal and personally, it was a real emotional moment as the song’s meaning to me is one that is held very close to my heart. The setlist was sublime and much like the entire performance, you would not think this is a band with members who are into their fifties as there was no let-up in energy, quality of performance or willingness to perform tracks they have played for the last twenty something years. A lesson to all bands was clear, that writing songs that mean something to you is the key to longevity.

So that was that, Goo Goo Dolls in the flesh and showing why they are one of the most respected and adored bands to still be kicking it from their early 90s emergence. Of course, ‘Broadway’ and ‘Iris’ served as a perfect plateau for the end of the bands twenty song deep set, and the latter despite its ‘Wonderwall’ mantra of being one of the most played songs of the last two decades, still managed to enchant an entire audience and felt like an emotional rollercoaster throughout as the performance of the smash hit was nothing short of beautiful.

So well done Goo Goo Dolls, despite it being fifteen years in the waiting, you were everything I wanted and more in that performance and it was an experience that I for one, will never forget.

For now though, I won’t say anything at all so why don’t you slide?

Congrats to all the winners! Andrea C, Susan A, Stephen K, Edgar W, Birgit M, Rosco L, Leona M. Bibby H, Kari B, Michael C

Enter to Win a Meet and Greet for the Goo Goo Dolls show at The Alaska State Fair, Palmer, AK on 8/24!

One entry per person per show. Lottery closing at noon, EST on August 12. Must be 18 to enter. Meet and Greet does not include show ticket. You MUST have a show ticket to attend the Meet and Greet. Meet and Greet is for one person only & ID must match winning name.

Goo Goo Dolls im Gruenspan Mit
Luftballons im Dampfbad schwitzen

By Janina Heinemann

Ihre Hauptzeit hatten die Goo Goo Dolls in den 90ern und frühen 2000ern – und so besteht das Publikum, das am Dienstagabend im Gruenspan schwitzt, fast ausschließlich aus Mittdreißigern. Auch wenn John Rzeznik (52) und Robby Takac (53) in die Jahre gekommen sind und mit ihren fülligen Körpern und zotteligen Haaren etwas abgerockt aussehen, können sie eins noch immer: ihren Fans mächtig einheizen.
Und so feuern sie fast zwei Stunden lang bei gefühlten 50 Grad Hit nach Hit ab. Die Fans singen jeden Song lautstark mit, lassen bei „Black Balloon“ schwarze Luftballons auf ihren Händen tanzen und klatschen, bis der Schweiß fließt. „We have a fucking great time in here“, ruft Rzeznik und kippt sich eine Flasche Wasser über den Kopf, spritzt den Rest ins Publikum. Der Club gleicht einem Dampfbad, sodass es ein Wunder ist, dass den Musikern nicht die Finger von den Saiten glitschen.
Am Ende des Abends gibt es noch mal den Giga-Hit „Iris“ mit einem wunderschönen Gitarrensolo von John Rzeznik, bevor alle klatschnass, aber zufrieden den Saal verlassen.

Goo Goo Dolls in the Gruenspan Sweat with balloons in the steam bath

The Goo Goo Dolls were in their prime time in the 90s and early 2000s - and so the crowd, sweating in the Gruenspan on Tuesday night, consists almost entirely of mid-thirties. Even though John Rzeznik (52) and Robby Takac (53) are getting old and looking a bit rocked with their full bodies and shaggy hair, they can still do one thing: to fuel their fans.
And so they fire for nearly two hours at a felt 50 degree hit after hit. The fans sing along loudly to every song, let black balloons dance on their hands and clap until the sweat flows. Rzeznik shouts and tilts a bottle of water over his head, splashing the rest into the audience. The club is like a steam room, so it's a miracle that the musicians do not get their fingers off the strings.
At the end of the evening, there is the giga hit "Iris" with a wonderful guitar solo by John Rzeznik, before everyone leaves the room soaked in wet, but satisfied.

Thanks to the Goo Goo Dolls:

Thanks to Getty Images for these:

Filmed by Michael Laue - A dream come true for this German fan, who was also the support act:

Clip of Iris from @LoadsofMusic:

Clip of Iris with a visit from a fan

Thanks to @Lilly0303:

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Acoustic #3

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Great Robby shots!

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The Goo Goo Dolls: Veinte años no son nada


22 JULIO 2018
Sala Apolo (Barcelona)
Texto: Pau Peñalver. Fotos: Live Nation

Sigo en estado de shock. Ya casi daba por perdido ver a uno de mis tótems musicales. Gracias a la celebración del veinte aniversario de ‘Dizzy Up The Girl’, sexto álbum del combo, y al buen ojo de Live Nation, hemos podido disfrutar de John Rzeznik y Robby Takac en las tablas de un íntimo escenario como el de la Sala Apolo. Fue una noche lluviosa, velada acelerada de intensas emociones… estado de nostalgia, melancolía de una época que ha pasado a mejor vida.

Pese a celebrar el éxito de un disco de 1998, yo conocí (hace 23 veranos) a la banda de Buffalo (Nueva York) gracias a ‘A Boy Named Goo’, redondo que encendió la llama y que supuso un antes y un después para el otrora trío.

La noche empezó puntual con “Dizzy” y “Slide”: una auténtica locura. No rescataron nada de discos anteriores a su época dorada, pero sí que hicieron un repaso exhaustivo y casi justo de sus trabajos posteriores hasta llegar a la fecha. Así pues, desempolvaron ‘Gutterflower’ de 2002 con nada más y nada menos “Big Machine” y “Here Is Gone”. Nos redirigieron a 1998 mostrando el poder de dos hits como “Black Balloon” o “January Friend”. Esta segunda abrió la veda al lucimiento de Takac, el bajista que ha sufrido y aguantado todos los aspavientos y giros del rubio frontman. El compañero fiel de John cantó e interpretó con jolgorio, y como si de un componente de Motley Crue se tratara, sus aportaciones históricas al carro Goo, como “Free Of Me”, “Smash” o “Bringing The Light” de ‘Magnetic’  (2013). Acabo con vítores.  Los momentos con Robby Takac me parecieron entrañables. Los viejos rockeros nunca mueren. Eso sí, por mucha sazón, lejos quedan aquellos años de colaboraciones con Paul Westerberg de The Replacements.

Tras “January Friend” pudimos deleitarnos con algo tan grunge como “Long Way Down”. La actualidad de Goo Goo Dolls pasa por ‘Boxes’, su referencia de 2016, así que “So Alive” tenía cabida antes de otra ovación con “Name”. En esa etapa fueron carne de MTV. Afortunadamente no saltó del listado como le ocurrió a “Acoustic #3”, hecho que los fans más hardcore no creo que se tomaran con delicadeza. A mi humilde entender, el set fue difícil de mejorar, aunque le sobraron un par de temas.

El apartado actual continuó con “Over and Over”. John se quedó solo con su acústica antes de interpretar “Sympathy” y necesitó dos tomas para cuadrar la letra que, según el propio cantante, había olvidado. En algunos momentos vi claro que se respiraba ambiente de reunión, si la banda se hubiera roto en algún momento. También pensé en una gira acústica de los dos líderes, para terminar haciendo cábalas sobre una posible gira en solitario del propio Rzeznik. Llamadme loco, pero yo lo vi claro y cristalino.

Desde 1995 hasta el reciente EP ‘Tattered Edge / You Should Be Happy’ pudimos escuchar canciones de todas sus etapas, pero me extrañó que no sonara nada del ‘Something For The Rest Of Us’ de 2010. De todos modos, no hubiera cambiado mucho el guion. Cerraron el cuerpo del listado con “Broadway” e “Iris”.

Y llegaba el momento de la verdad. Los bises eran un misterio. Después de 100 minutos. Un sueño cumplido. Otro concierto tachado de la lista. En su manga americana acaban con el “American Girl” de Tom Petty. Aquí en el viejo continente cierran con la menor “Boxes”, que da título a su último largo, y tiran de su versión de Supertramp, “Give A Little Bit”, que apareció por primera vez en su ‘Let Love In’ de 2006. Pocos grupos podían levantarme de mi casa 4 días después de nacer mi primera hija Aina, pero la oportunidad era imposible de rechazar.

Para terminar, si echamos un vistazo a su disco ‘Greatest Hits Volume One: The Singles’ que lanzaron en 2007, podemos comprobar que, de las catorce piezas de aquel recopilatorio, sonaron 11. Nada más que añadir.

The Goo Goo Dolls dicen que regresan a España. Si llevan activos desde 1986 y ayer fue su primera visita (si obviamos su concierto en la base de Rota en Cádiz del 99), quizás en la siguiente yo ya he cumplido con mi labor. De todos modos, la esperanza es lo último que se pierde. Ellos lo corroboraron.

Setlist: Dizzy / Slide / Big Machine / Rebel Beat / Here Is Gone / Black Balloon / January Friend / Free Of Me / Long Way Down / So Alive / Name / Over and Over / Sympathy / Stay With You / Better Days / Smash / Bringing The Light / Tattered Edge – You Should Be Happy / Broadway / Iris. Bis: Boxes / Give A Little Bit

The Goo Goo Dolls: Twenty years are nothing


JULY 22, 2018
Apolo Room (Barcelona)
Text: Pau Peñalver. Photos: Live Nation

Despite celebrating the success of a 1998 album, I met (23 summers ago) the band from Buffalo (New York) thanks to 'A Boy Named Goo', round that ignited the flame and that was a before and after for the former trio.
The night started punctually with "Dizzy" and "Slide": an authentic madness. They did not rescue anything from discs before their golden age, but they did a thorough and almost fair review of their subsequent works until the date. So, they dusted off 'Gutterflower' from 2002 with nothing more and nothing less "Big Machine" and "Here Is Gone". They redirected us to 1998 showing the power of two hits like "Black Balloon" or "January Friend". This second opened the ban on the brilliance of Takac, the bassist who has suffered and endured all the fuss and turns of the blond frontman. The faithful companion of John sang and performed with revelry, and as if it were part of Motley Crue, his historical contributions to the Goo car, such as "Free Of Me", "Smash" or "Bringing The Light" of 'Magnetic' (2013). I finish with cheers. The moments with Robby Takac seemed endearing to me. The old rockers never die. Of course, for much season, those years of collaborations with Paul Westerberg of The Replacements are far away.
After "January Friend" we could delight in something as grunge as "Long Way Down". The news of Goo Goo Dolls goes through 'Boxes', its reference of 2016, so "So Alive" had a place before another ovation with "Name". In that stage they were meat of MTV. Fortunately, it did not jump off the list as it happened to "Acoustic # 3", a fact that most hardcore fans do not think were taken delicately. To my humble understanding, the set was difficult to improve, although they had a couple of songs left over.
The current section continued with "Over and Over". John was left alone with his acoustic before playing "Sympathy" and needed two shots to match the lyrics that, according to the singer, he had forgotten. In some moments I saw clearly that there was a meeting atmosphere, if the band had broken at some point. I also thought about an acoustic tour of the two leaders, to finish making capes about a possible solo tour of Rzeznik himself. Call me crazy, but I saw it clear and crystal clear.
From 1995 until the recent EP 'Tattered Edge / You Should Be Happy' we could listen to songs of all its stages, but I was surprised that it did not sound anything of the 'Something For The Rest Of Us' of 2010. Anyway, it would not have changed much the script. They closed the body of the list with "Broadway" and "Iris".
And the moment of truth arrived. The encores were a mystery. After 100 minutes. A dream fulfilled. Another concert crossed off the list. In his American manga they end up with Tom Petty's "American Girl". Here in the old continent they close with the smaller "Boxes", which gives title to their last length, and they pull their version of Supertramp, "Give A Little Bit", that appeared for the first time in their 'Let Love In' of 2006 Few groups could get up from my house 4 days after my first daughter Aina was born, but the opportunity was impossible to refuse.
Finally, if we take a look at his album 'Greatest Hits Volume One: The Singles' that they released in 2007, we can verify that, of the fourteen pieces of that compilation, they sounded 11. Nothing more to add.
The Goo Goo Dolls say they are returning to Spain. If they have been active since 1986 and yesterday was their first visit (if we ignore their concert at the base of Rota in Cadiz in 1999), perhaps in the next I have already done my job. Anyway, hope is the last thing that is lost. They corroborated it.

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