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We'll be giving away a pair of tickets weekly to see Goo Goo Dolls this summer at select shows around the country and the winning couldn't be easier!
First up is for the Airway Heights, WA show on June 9th.

To enter, simply Tweet or Instagram this line: "I want to wake up where you are"
AND Include these 3 important hashtags: #googoodolls #agtickettag #northernquestcasino

That's it!
One winner will be randomly chosen per week, and draws will close each Sunday, but why wait? Do it now!

Keep checking in with us to see if a show near YOU pops up during the course of this contest, which is also opened to Instagrammers! You should be following us on Insta @absolutegoopics and/or Twitter @AbsoluteGoo if not - get to it and good luck!

Our winner for the Airway Heights, WA show is - beepost on IG! Congrats!!


We will add items as more information becomes available. We'll start with this:


Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to The Lobby, coming to you from the snowy city of Buffalo, NY! Happy New Year to all of the In Rock Readers, you should be well into 2019 by now and I hope it’s been great so far! I spent the first part of the year in Japan visiting family in Tokyo for the holidays. I took the trip over with my daughter, Hana and my wife Miyoko, the main reason for the trip was to see my wife’s family, but we always seem to find some adventure as we spend our holidays in Japan!

We arrived at Narita from the US on the day after Christmas and made our way to the train and our room in Ueno, we’ve never stayed in Ueno before, and it’s bustling for sure! We enjoyed being in the middle of the madness that is Ueno at night, wandered down by the vendors, sights and smells of nearby Ameyoko and enjoyed some Yakitori, we got a few bags of cheap candy from our favorite vendor and tried our best to stay up until 10 to beat our jetlag which is always one of our first challenges on these trips!

While in Ueno you must stop to have a visit with the Pandas and we have never gotten a chance to see the newest of the Pandas, so after a loooooong winding line of patient zoogoers made our way into the enclosure to have a look at Xiang Xiang and his Panda Dad (I guess Panda Mom was inside having a rest). We said hi to Xiang Xiang, spent a little more time at the Zoo and then made our way over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art to see their Edward Munch exhibit featuring 3 different versions of the legendary woodcut/painting “The Scream”!

Munch is pretty dark and macabre as an artist, (and probably as a person I would imagine), we even heard a story that he was shot in an altercation after argument in which he refused to marry his girlfriend to maintain his dark outlook on life as an inspiration for his art. My daughter found it all a bit disconcerting so we quickly made our way through the exhibit and did our best to explain to Hana the significance of being in a room with a masterpiece like “The Scream”; she wasn’t all that enthused, I’m pretty sure it was pretty similar to going through a ghost house to her (which is not high on her list of ways to spend an afternoon).

We visited with some friends over the next couple of days and on New Years Day we had a great “Osechi” lunch with my wife’s family. In a once in a lifetime experience we went to Asakusa to join the throngs of Japanese and tourists traveling to visit Senso Ji for the holiday. So many people are funneled through the Tori gates of the temple wishing to start their year with luck, happiness, health and prosperity. After holding on tight to our 7 year old we moved with the crowd to the main temple and squeezed our way up to the front and made an offering for good fortune then made our way to the festival grounds outside the temple! My friend in Tokyo was so amazed that we went on New Years Day as he has been living there for decades and never braved the crowds; I must say it was handled so well, and I’m always amazed at the ability of the Japanese culture to handle these situations in such an orderly way.

We even got to attend a “mochisuki” event with some Sumo wrestlers on New Years Day in Shiodome, I had an opportunity to pound some mocha about 15 years ago and for some reason declined the offer, I had always regretted that decision so it was good to be able to right that wrong from my past in 2019, and this time with 2 Sumo, the whole thing couldn't have gone better !!!!

The rest of our short, weeklong trip was full of Gotcha Gotcha Machines, UFO Catchers, Curry, Ramen, Yakiniku, Sushi, Shopping, friends, family and so much more … and as always, I can’t wait for our return… and …back in the USA, Goo Goo Dolls are writing, recording and doing random shows until we tour sort tour of Mexico in May and then do a 60 city US tour in June, July and August. We’ll have a new album out for you all soon, lots of new music circulating around our camp lately, can’t wait for you all to hear it this Spring!

Have a great month and check out to get to my socials or just leave a not saying hi! See you next month here in the pages of The Mighty In Rock !!!




As per "Excited to be supporting @BonJovi for a date on their #THINFStour in Latin America!"
Tickets go on sale Monday, March 18th at 9am local time:


Well. We know they have engaged a gospel choir, so that will be super cool for sure...Can't wait for the new stuff!

That was awesome. Just listed to all of it while I work haha. Very happy the got rid of the OG "Tell Me" song they did together. And also happy John did his own thing with So Far Away. I love Westerberg but that Dancin' in Your Blood lyric seems silly and I couldn't take it seriously. So Far Away turned out to be an incredible, intense song and one of their best album closers.

Nice recap. Thank you!!


Exciting news! As per Robby today - the band will be heading to South America this Autumn. We'll update as we get more info and let you know when they're slotted in place. In the meantime, here are a couple of links you can familiarize yourself with:

Can't begin to describe how happy I am. Been dying to have Gutterflower, LLI, and SFTROU on vinyl!

Same here!!!


How's THIS for a #FridayFlashback?

 "44 minute uncut demo from Superstar Car Wash called the Marvelous Sauce Demo. Includes the version of "So Far Away" with different lyrics called "In Your Blood", "On the Lie" with a chorus where the instrumental bridge is on the retail CD, "So The Story Goes" an unreleased Robby Song, instrumental version of "We Are The Normal" before the lyrics were written by Paul Westerberg (you can hear John mumbling some sort of lyrics, and there is an accordion with the violin), full version of "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" with both John and Robby signing, and many other songs/variations...."


As per "There are a lot of independent stores that participate in Record Store Day. Not all of them will choose to participate in all promotions, or carry all releases. Just because a store is listed here does NOT mean it will have the goodie or record you're looking for. That said, find a store near you and check with them directly. It's always a good idea to be BFFs with your neighborhood record store."

*It's well worth asking if you can pre-pay/pre-order #Topography & remember to ask about shipping too!*

12 **link is down**

Goo Goo Dolls / Superstar Car Wash
February 23, 2019 by Enrique Leonard, posted in Goo Goo Dolls   

The hard rock rawness of Buffalo’s Goo Goo Dolls makes Superstar Car Wash an album that is high on amicable guitar riffs and attractive hooks, with an edge that never goes away. All the choruses are sandwiched perfectly between the crunching throttle of electric guitar and pleasing rock rhythms, changing pace and style just a notch in each of the 14 songs. Heavy but far from pretentious, songs like “Fallin’ Down,” “Cuz You’re Gone,” and “We Are the Normal,” co-written by Paul Westerberg, combine pleasing elements of rough harmonies with infectious runs of six-string grit. John Rzeznik’s vocals resonate with a reckless, punk-soaked ardor that lifts their music above and beyond the norm of power pop. The attitude that surrounds the album makes the Goo Goo Dolls out to be a rough and tumble outfit, outlining all the tunes with a rebellious tone. Quite different from their platinum A Boy Named Goo album, which sounded smoother and refined, Superstar Car Wash has the band sounding loose and freewheeling, making the best of any musical misdirection. Before radio adopted their polished glimmer, they let loose and channeled their playful immaturity throughout the attractive impurity of this album.

Published by Enrique Leonard

Hit the link to read up on this very cool endeavor to create an all encompassing musical hub in the Buffalo area. Such a awesome idea, such a great way to keep musicians in the loop and we wish all involved the best of luck!


Hit the link above for a little stroll down memory lane...never know who you might meet!

These lotteries are now closed! Winners below.

6/28 - The Woodlands, TX: Myra P., Cassie Z., Daniel Z., Lisa S., Ashley G., Caitlin H., Stephanie R., Dwayne R., Adria S., Lorenzo P., Stephen H., Sarah H., Tracy K., Teri B., Teana L.

6/29 - Dallas, TX: Jodi B., Tricia V., Kristi D., Paula S., Heather F., Yury R., Renee H., Mike S.

7/6 - West Palm Beach, FL: Gail W., Stephanie C., Jane TR., Jodie Q., Christine V., Gennadiy G., Jenna H., Sarah M., Karen F., Sheila C., Mariane S., Tiffani D.

7/7 - Tampa, FL: Amber N., Jaime F., Samantha K., Carri A., Gonzalo V., Noelia D., Martin P.F., Laura L., Kelly G., Terry L., Jennifer C., Jennifer P., Samantha E., Carl S., Isabella S.

7/9 - Jacksonville, FL: Nicole C., Beverly B., Dan B., Julia S., Rona V., Laura K., Heather F., Anthony A., Robyne S., Barbara C., Kathryn T.

Enter to Win a Meet and Greet for the Goo Goo Dolls' shows in: Woodlands TX, Dallas TX, West Palm Beach FL, Tampa FL and Jacksonville FL!


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