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Fun read!

In My Record Collection, we dig down to the bottom of musicians' souls to find out what the most treasured parts of their record collection are. This week, it's the turn of The Goo Goo Dolls' bassist Robbie Takac, let's see what he goes for...


The record that made me want to be in a band was…

"This was The Rolling Stones - Through The Past Darkly, it was given to me as a gift by a relative on cassette when I was young and got stuck in the family car stereo, meaning if we wanted to hear music... that's what we heard!"


The record I've played more than any other is…

"This is Michael Jackson - Off The Wall, it's my daughter's favourite record."


The record that always makes me feel good is…

"Again, this is Michael Jackson - Off The Wall, as I said, it's my daughter's favourite record..."


The record I turn to when I'm feeling down is…

"This has to be Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - KPP Best, it's J-Pop with a soul. Well, maybe some kind of alien soul, but a soul nonetheless..."


The record I think is the most underrated of all time is…

"Cornelius's Point. This is is one of the most awesome soundscapes that I've ever heard, great songs, great production and super unique ideas."


The record with my favourite cover art is…

"Shonen Knife's Osaka Ramones, the US version, as my wife, Miyoko did it!). We released this album from Osaka Japan's indie darlings on my Good Charamel Records label, I co-produced it as well!"



The record with my favourite title is…

"Has to Thomas Dolby's The Golden Age of Wireless. I just love that title and it's an era gone by, I'm afraid."


The record I can't understand why everybody loves is…

"Anything by that Mackelmore dude. Enough said..."


The last record I bought was…

"I was actually given a copy of a 1977 Todd Rundgren Bootleg by a couple of awesome brothers I'm touring with this Summer, but the last actual piece of vinyl I bought was probably a vintage copy of Rolling Stones Her Satanic Majesties Request with the 3D cover art."


The record I'm most looking forward to hearing in 2019 is…

"Our new record Miracle Pill coming out of all of your speakers and headphones."


The greatest record of all time is…

"This has to be Todd Rundgren's A Wizard A True Star. He is and you should hear this record if you haven't. It will change you."


Goo Goo Dolls' new album Miracle Pill is released on September 13th.


Cover version woes: how does it feel when someone else sings your song? John Rzeznik is one of many who weighs in on this. Click the link to read all about it!


Worcester wunderkind Craig Macintyre has gone from supplying the steady backbeat to the local punk outfit the Noisy Boyz and the legendary Wilbur and the Dukes to being a hired gun for platinum-selling chart-toppers the Goo Goo Dolls, who are on a co-headlining tour with fellow hit-makers Train, and are playing Aug. 17 at the Xfinity Center.

Growing up in the Indian Lake area of Worcester, Macintyre lived in Los Angeles for 15 years before moving with his wife to Portland, Oregon, a few years back.

Macintyre, who turned 50 in March, landed the full-time Goo Goo Dolls gig six years ago. As for reaching the big 5-0, Macintyre said he’s in a good place in his life.

“To live in a more laid-back place and not be in the hustle of LA, but still be able to work in entertainment and have all those connections, that’s a nice place to land,” Macintyre said. “A lot of my musician friends are all around the same age ... I got two friends that play in the Who, a friend of mine plays for Cher, two friends of mine play in Chicago, all these classic bands. These are my friends who are all 50 years old. These are people I talk to every day. We’re all touring and playing at the top of our game.”

As for the old adage that you can get the musician out of Worcester but you can’t get Worcester out of the musician, Macintyre fondly recalls his first paying nightclub gig ever, opening for the Boston-based band Sex Execs at Xit-13 on Millbury Street, near Kelley Square, with his short-lived band the Ritz.

And,it still surprises him to this day that he never had any trouble getting into the Xit, and subsequent Worcester-area clubs, despite his baby face and relatively young age.

“I just turned 14. My birthday’s March 1. The gig was March 2nd. When I was 14, I looked 14. I looked 14 when I was 22. I remember getting to the place and I had no idea if I should be in there. And the Xit was a real 21-and-over kind of place,” Macintyre said. “Maybe it was because I was just overwhelmed or maybe because I was surrounded by a bunch of old people, it looked like there was some parental guidance. I use that term ‘parental guidance’ very loosely for the kind of people that I was working with.”

Before he was old enough to drive, Macintyre was playing in three popular local bands - the Noisy Boyz (which opened for the Jim Carroll Band at the Metro on Chandler Street), the Dialtones (which did a couple of gigs with the Smithereens at Sir Morgan’s Cove and opened for the Fixx at Rocky Point Park) and the legendary Wilbur and the Dukes, which were massive headliners in their own right.

“For a moment there, I had three bands playing and practicing in the same rehearsal space down at Webster Square. One day, I would be rehearsing with the Noisy Boys, and the next day the Dialtones and then Wilbur and the Dukes,” Macintyre recalled. “One band was pure punk, one band was rockabilly and Wilbur and the Dukes was blues, R&B and classic rock. So I really had all styles of music that I loved covered.”

Recently, Macintyre had a mini-Noisy Boyz reunion-of-sorts in Florida, meeting up with former bandmate, rock ‘n’ roll entrepreneur and author of “St. John Lennon” Dan “Danimal” Hartwell.

“It was very Dan,” Macintyre said on the reunion. “He’s living in Florida. He looks awesome, swimming every day and always has something ahead of him that he’s excited about ... People say, ‘Wow, he hasn’t changed,’ like that’s a bad thing, but feel like Dan’s stayed the same but is moving forward.”

As for the potential of a Noisy Boyz reunion, Macintyre said he would do it in a heartbeat.

“That would be fun, really fun,” Macintyre said. “The Noisy Boys’ music was really aggressive and fast. And I could still play that, no problem. We play like that sometimes with the Goo Goo Dolls.”

On a bittersweet note, Hartwell broke the news to Macintyre that fellow Noisy Boy Andrew “Andy” J. Rivers III, who also played guitar with Take the Pain, Pet Rock, Bammies, Counter Attack and Killer Queen, died on June 29. Macintyre had no idea. This happened a month and a half after Steve Going, the “Wilbur” in Wilbur and the Dukes, died.

When he left Worcester, Macintyre decided to become a full-time session player and leaving the drama of being a band member far behind.

“When you’re a band member, you have opinions. But when you’re a sideman or session musician, you have ideas. When somebody says, ‘What do you think of this? What do you think of that?’ I usually try to have three ideas that are all good,” Macintyre said. “If you’re going to be a sideman, then you got to stop being opinionated. Sometimes people will ask for your opinion but what they really want is some fresh ideas. They don’t want you to shut down the only idea that they have. They’re looking for more ideas. They’re not looking for you to criticize what they already do and I learned that. I learned that the hard way.”

While he has a good relationship on and offstage with John Rzeznik and Robby Takac, who formed the Goo Goo Dolls in 1985 in Buffalo, Macintyre knows that he’s only a hired gun and not a full-fledged member of the band. And he’s fine with that.

“The Goo Goo Dolls are John and Robby. It’s like Hall & Oates. And, like the Goo Goo Dolls, Hall & Oates always had a band,” Macintyre said. “To me, playing with the Goo Goo Dolls is the best of both worlds. I get the excitement of playing with these guys and being a part of their posse but I also have that freedom of being independent. And we’re great friends. We get along very well. We talk a lot, even outside of playing.”

In addition to the summer co-lining tour with Train and a just-announced national headlining tour this fall for the band’s new record, “Miracle Pill,” which drops Sept. 13, the Goo Goo Dolls (with hired gun Macintyre) are certainly making the rounds. They just appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and are booked on “Good Morning America,” “The Howard Stern Show” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

While every new tour, the Goo Goo Dolls modify their set lists to promote the latest record while playing all the hits, including the band’s breakthrough hit, 1995′s “Name,” “Slide” and “Iris,” the biggest hit on Billboard’s Top 100 of 1992-2012. One song that survived the set-list shuffle is “Over and Over,” a song Macintyre co-wrote with Rzeznik and Takac, which appeared on the 2016 release “Boxes” and has become a fan favorite.

“It’s trippy because I remember sitting in the studio with John and Robby and just jamming,” Macintyre said of “Over and Over.” “It’s cool to know that this little loose thing that we just made up on the spot formed into a genuine song that is on our record, commercials. It’s on the live album that we did ... What a thrill to walk out there and the audience is excited to see you and the lights go down. You hear the beginning of the song and you’re like, I came up with that part. What an exciting thing.”

This past Sunday night, the Goo Goo Dolls played at the Mohegan Sun Arena. As expected, the band played all their hits and Macintyre, who still in the right light looks 14, pounded the skins like a seasoned professional.


**If you're buying tickets directly from Hershey Park - Read alllll the way to the end**

Less than two weeks after their Scranton performance, it was announced today that multi-platinum alternative rock band Goo Goo Dolls will return to the Hershey Theatre on Friday, Nov. 22 at 8 p.m.

Philadelphia indie punk band Beach Slang will open the show that is part of the Goo Goo Dolls’ Miracle Pill Tour, named after their new album. Beach Slang vocalist/guitarist James Alex headlined Record Store Day at the Gallery of Sound in Wilkes-Barre earlier this year.

Tickets, which start at $42.35, plus processing fees, go on sale this Friday, Aug. 16 at 10 a.m. and will be available at the Giant Center box office (550 Hersheypark Dr., Hershey) and online at and The Hershey Theatre box office will be closed through Aug. 18.

The multi-platinum-selling, Grammy Award-nominated Goo Goo Dolls​ are one of the most globally respected and influential forces in popular music, selling more than 12 million albums. Formed in Buffalo, New York in 1986, guitarist/vocalist John Rzeznik and bassist/vocalist Robby Takac spent their first decade traversing North America in a van and bringing their raucous brand of melodic punk rock to college kids and winning over small but enthusiastic crowds of fans. They released a series of albums before breaking through commercially with their fifth, 1995’s “A Boy Named Goo,” followed by 1998’s quadruple platinum “Dizzy Up the Girl,” which produced five Top 10 singles and sold nearly six million copies worldwide.

Goo Goo Dolls scored 14 Top 10 radio hits (more than any other artist in the history of the Hot AC format), including “Name,” “Slide,” and “Iris,” the latter spending nearly 12 straight months on the Billboard charts and holding the No. 1 position for 17 consecutive weeks. It remains one of the biggest crossover hits in the history of popular music.

The band has toured the globe countless times, performed in front of millions of fans, received numerous awards (including four Grammy nominations), and recorded and released 11 studio albums. Rzeznik has also been honored with the Songwriters Hall of Fame Hal David Starlight Award.

Their latest full-length album, “Boxes,” was lauded by the likes of People, Huffington Post, and Metro, who call the album a “step forward in the band’s extensive repertoire.” “Boxes” features the hit “So Alive,” which the Goo Goo Dolls performed everywhere from “The Today Show” and “The Talk” to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “Conan.”

On May 12, 2017, they released a five-song EP, “You Should Be Happy,” which has four original songs and a remix of the title track “Boxes” from their 2016 album. Marking the 20th anniversary of their most successful album, “Dizzy Up the Girl,” they embarked on a commemorative tour starting on Sept. 30, playing the album in its entirety.

The band released a two-part live album, “The Audience Is That Way,” in 2018 via Warner Bros. Records, and they’re set to release their highly anticipated 12th studio album, “Miracle Pill,” on Friday, Sept. 13.

Following a nationwide summer tour with Train, Goo Goo Dolls will embark on a fall headlining tour in support of this upcoming album. As a band of more than 30 years, they show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

**The wristband policy will be in effect for this concert. Fans are permitted on the Hersheypark Entertainment Complex property beginning at 7 a.m. on Aug. 16. Two hours prior to the on-sale, fans will be directed in front of Giant Center box office, where they will be issued a numbered wristband. Wristbands are available for one hour and, at the conclusion of that hour, a selected fan will randomly choose a wristband that will determine the line order. Once the line is in place, fans arriving after the wristbands were issued will be escorted to the end of the numbered line


November 22nd: Hershey, PA
November 23rd: Atlantic City, NJ

Fanclub presales start tomorrow! Public onsales this Friday, 8/16

Get all the details at Ticketmaster:


Goo Goo Dolls have shared a new single.

Indestructible is the third cut, following the title track and Money, Fame And Fortune, to be taken from the New York duo's 12th LP, ‘Miracle Pill’, due out September 13.

Brimming with energy, the anthemic opener sets the scene for an album full of singalong choruses and indie-pop hooks. Vocalist John Rzeznik, who offers a glimmer of hope in the lyrics, commented:

    “Things may look dark or dire, but there’s a chance to make a connection, nevertheless. I’m writing from as honest of a place as I can at this time in my life. That’s something I want everyone to understand about the album. A lot of our fans have grown up with us. I think they’ll be able to relate to where we’re at in our lives, because they tend to be at the same place. We’ve still got a lot to say.”

Goo Goo Dolls are currently co-headlining a North American tour alongside Train.

Goo Goo Dolls Upcoming Tour Dates are as follows

    Fri August 09 2019 - COLUMBIA Maryland - Merriweather Post Pavilion (USA)
    Sat August 10 2019 - CAMDEN New Jersey - BB&T Pavilion (USA)
    Sun August 11 2019 - UNCASVILLE Connecticut - Mohegan Sun Arena (USA)
    Wed August 14 2019 - CUYAHOGA FALLS Ohio - Blossom Music Center (USA)
    Fri August 16 2019 - HOLMDEL New Jersey - PNC Bank Arts Center (USA)
    Sat August 17 2019 - MANSFIELD Massachusetts - Xfinity Center (USA)
    Fri October 25 2019 - AUSTIN Texas - Bass Concert Hall (USA)
    Sat October 26 2019 - CORPUS CHRISTI Texas - American Bank Center Selena Auditorium (USA)
    Sun October 27 2019 - SAN ANTONIO Texas - Majestic Theatre San Antonio (USA)
    Tue October 29 2019 - TULSA Oklahoma - Brady Theater (USA)
    Wed October 30 2019 - WICHITA Kansas - Orpheum Theatre - Wichita (USA)
    Fri November 01 2019 - RAPID CITY South Dakota - Rushmore Plaza Civic Center (USA)
    Sat November 02 2019 - SIOUX CITY Iowa - Orpheum Theatre Sioux City (USA)
    Sun November 03 2019 - DES MOINES Iowa - HOYT SHERMAN PLACE (USA)
    Tue November 05 2019 - PEORIA Illinois - Peoria Civic Center and Carver Arena (USA)
    Wed November 06 2019 - DAVENPORT Iowa - Adler Theatre Davenport (USA)
    Fri November 08 2019 - KALAMAZOO Michigan - State Theatre Kalamazoo (USA)
    Sat November 09 2019 - APPLETON Wisconsin - Fox Cities Performing Arts Center (USA)
    Sun November 10 2019 - MADISON Wisconsin - Orpheum Theatre Madison (USA)
    Tue November 12 2019 - LOUISVILLE Kentucky - Louisville Palace (USA)
    Wed November 13 2019 - HUNTSVILLE Alabama - Von Braun Center Concert Hall (USA)
    Fri November 15 2019 - CHATTANOOGA Tennessee - Tivoli Theatre Chattanooga (USA)
    Sat November 16 2019 - KNOXVILLE Tennessee - Tennessee Theatre (USA)
    Sun November 17 2019 - CHARLESTON South Carolina - Gaillard Auditorium (USA)
    Tue November 19 2019 - RICHMOND Virginia - Carpenter Theatre (USA)
    Wed November 20 2019 - COLUMBUS Ohio - Palace Theatre Columbus (USA)
    Mon November 25 2019 - TORONTO Ontario - Queen Elizabeth Theatre Toronto (Canada)


Hit the link and check out this extended set of photos taken by Fatima Kelley!

Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / First weekend tour photos
« on: June 10, 2019, 04:57 PM »

Click the links to enjoy some great shots!

Thanks to googoodollsofficial:

Thanks to ahpconcerts for these:

Thanks to NLSphotography

Thanks to emmoran01 for these:

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Thanks to heather_goo:


Train and Goo Goo Dolls kicked off their joint summer tour Friday in Auburn, WA.  The trek, which also includes singer Allen Stone on the bill, runs through mid-August.  Goo Goo Dolls frontman Johnny Rzeznik tells ABC Radio that this tour marks the fulfillment of a goal he's had for nearly two decades.

"We have wanted to tour with Train for a long time, 'cause we always felt that if we could merge our two audiences together, that, y'know, it'd be a big deal, and we'd have a lot of fun doing it," Johnny explains.

Johnny says that even though he's known Train frontman Pat Monahan since "the end of the '90s," and "was always a fan and loved the band," he and Pat could "just never get it together."  Finally, though, the stars have aligned and the two acts were able to sync their schedules.

Because Goo Goo Dolls are going on before Train on these dates, Johnny says they'll be playing about 65-minute sets, rather than their usual 90 minutes.  "We're gonna play all the hits," he promises, but fans will also get to hear a new song.

"We've actually finished our 12th studio album and it will be coming out in September," he tells ABC Radio.  The album is called Miracle Pill, and the band is playing the first single, which is the title track, on the tour.

As for Train, their most recent album is their 2018 Greatest Hits album, which features their single "Call Me Sir."

The Goo Goo Dolls/Train tour wraps up August 16 in Holmdel, NJ.

Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.


Click through to see some Goo Goo Dolls shots from the show at the White River Amphitheatre!


 Julie Dannevig, Iris News Editor

As a four-time Grammy nominee, Billboard Music Award winner, 4x Platinum album artist and member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik has an arsenal of achievements to be proud of. Yet, as a humble family man now residing in Westfield, Rzeznik has his focus on the more genuine aspects of his rock star life.

After graciously accepting my invitation to come to WHS to be interviewed, Rzeznik walked into Room 111 with his wife, Melina, and daughter, Lili, with a smile across his face, ready for whatever questions I asked.

Rzeznik began by explaining how his mother and father were both amateur musicians, making it clear that music has always been a part of his life. He said that when he was growing up there were always instruments around his house, which sparked his interest in the hobby.

Rzeznik first started to get into music at the age of eight. “My mother thought it would be a good idea if I learned how to play the accordion, which is a bad idea for an eight-year-old boy, it’s a horrible thing to do to a kid,” he said light-heartedly. He then went on to try the drums and finally settled with the guitar at age 12.

“I wasn’t an athlete,” he said, “but I was able to fit in and find my voice and find my group by playing music.” Rzeznik started writing for the Goo Goo Dolls in his late teens and they released their self-titled debut album in 1987 when he was just 21.

The Goo Goo Dolls’ breakthrough album, Dizzy Up the Girl, was released in 1998 with songs “Iris” and “Slide” topping the charts. From there the band continued to grow and they started to see more fans, bigger venues and higher album sales.

Yet, Rzeznik’s humility remains evident. “For me, it was never an endgame of  ‘I wanna be famous,’ it just kinda happened and, since then, I’ve been famous and not so famous, and then famous and not so famous again, but I don’t rely on it for my self esteem,” he said. “What other people think of me or if they know who I am, it can’t matter, because then I won’t feel good when I’m not important, so I have to be consistent.”

Rzeznik explained that for him, it was difficult at times to feel fully comfortable speaking his mind while being in the public eye. But, as he’s grown as a person and musician, he has gotten more comfortable with his role. “[As you mature] you get a little more experience and a little more certain of what your abilities are and what your limitations are,” he said.

Rzeznik touched on his struggle with addiction during his early years as a musician. He emphasized the need for a strong support system and good friends and said: “If you need help, get it, go and get it, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. [Alcoholism] is treatable, but it can kill you if you don’t get the help you need. The saddest place that I ever was in my life was wanting to be free from my addiction and not being able to stop.”

Rzeznik also discussed his search to find his voice and his place among other performers in the fierce music industry. “My metrics for success have changed as I’ve gotten older and as I’ve moved through my career,” he said. “I used to get really upset when I would read a bad review or someone would say ‘You guys suck!’” Rzeznik explained that as he has matured, he has learned to look past the critics and judgement and, instead, focus on putting his all into his music.

For aspiring musicians, Rzeznik said, “Don’t worry about becoming famous on American Idol because that’s nonsense. Speak your mind and be brave and make sure you have a big support system because you’re going to get a lot of rejection and a lot of people are not going to like what you do.”

Rzeznik emphasized that the musician lifestyle isn’t always easy. With his 2-year-old daughter back at home, he finds it difficult to be traveling so often. But, it’s evident that his motivation to succeed and continue working lies in his daughter. “[Becoming a father] made me say to myself ‘I gotta work really hard’, because I wanna spoil her and give her all of the stuff I didn’t have as a kid,” he said.

Rzeznik is now living in a historic house in Westfield with his wife and daughter. He and Melina moved to Westfield from Los Angeles to raise their daughter and, as Rzeznik said, he “fell in love with the town in an afternoon. I had lunch at Vicki’s Diner and I was walking down Broad Street and I was like ‘I love it, I love this place.’”

The Goo Goo Dolls are currently on tour with Train and will be releasing their 14th album next fall. After over 30 years of playing, writing and performing, Rzeznik’s passion still remains and it’s clear that his natural talent and dedication are at the core of his decades of success. Although he has built his family in Westfield, Rzeznik will always be a rock star at heart.

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