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Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Re: What do you want in the next album?
« Last post by manda90 on January 20, 2019, 08:01 PM »
Hey guys, hoping to open up a discussion about what you hope for in a new album? Whether it be another all out pop album like the last two or something that’s a nice mix of rock and pop and like Dizzy through Rest of Us?

I do hope there will be some rockers on the new album and maybe an epic ballad since we haven’t really seen one since Dizzy. (I guess you can count Before It’s Too Late, just lacks the epic part.) I also hope they get their first big hit in years. I know John really wants one more. Ultimately, I really want a guitar album with solos again regardless of how heavy the songs are.

Like you, I hope there are some rockers on the new album!! Really looking forward to new music!
Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / What do you want in the next album?
« Last post by Jdt827 on January 19, 2019, 05:32 PM »
Hey guys, hoping to open up a discussion about what you hope for in a new album? Whether it be another all out pop album like the last two or something that’s a nice mix of rock and pop and like Dizzy through Rest of Us?

I do hope there will be some rockers on the new album and maybe an epic ballad since we haven’t really seen one since Dizzy. (I guess you can count Before It’s Too Late, just lacks the epic part.) I also hope they get their first big hit in years. I know John really wants one more. Ultimately, I really want a guitar album with solos again regardless of how heavy the songs are.   
Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Re: Audience Is This Way Part 2 DIGITAL release?
« Last post by AsIAm on January 18, 2019, 11:32 AM »
As of midnight it’s now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Yep. What MHamberger said...
Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Re: Audience Is This Way Part 2 DIGITAL release?
« Last post by MHamberger on January 18, 2019, 01:01 AM »
As of midnight it’s now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.
Goo Goo Dolls News & Info / Audience Is This Way Part 2 DIGITAL release?
« Last post by djgeneral on January 17, 2019, 03:59 PM »
I thought I heard it was coming out in January, but I do not see it on iTunes or anywhere.  Does anyone know when it is coming?
I have 3 tickets available for sale, section 7 @ face value, $ 125 each.

Please let me know if interested.

Congratulations to our winner, Rylie C.!

It's the middle of winter and the cold has most of us wishing for Spring, BUT, here at Absolute Goo, we want the Goo Goo Dolls to warm you up! So, we've got a contest for you! One lucky winner will get 2 tickets to the 2/16 Goo show in Tulsa, OK, a PAIR of Meet & Greets, and this awesome Goo hoodie! (You know, to keep you warm.)

All you have to do is answer 1 simple question for us - In winter 1996, the band played an outdoor show in Banff, AB, Canada. What was the name of that concert?

Send us an email at with your answer as the subject line. Include your name and contact information. Contest is open from now until 11:59 pm est on January 30, 2019. Prize is nontransferable and ID at pick up must match winner info. Good luck!

Jan 2019

About Goo Goo Dolls
sunfired: You were with Gwen Stefani in 2017 and you are with the Goo Goo Dolls now!  How did it happen?

Jim: Early in [2018], I was asked to do some recording sessions with the Goos. During the course of the sessions, it organically grew into the idea of us working together in a live setting as well.

sunfired: This is what you said on the social media “Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be asked to join this awesome group of musicians. It’s been everything it should be: interesting, challenging, surreal and most of all fun.” Do you care to elaborate on that a bit? I am sure the Goo Goo Dolls fans would like to hear more!

Jim: I have really been enjoying working in this band. Musically, it is right in my wheelhouse. The shows have been awesome - and their fans are really cool and engaging. All the guys are smart and really funny. We laugh a lot - which I love.

sunfired: This is your second stint with the band. Is anything  different this time around? Of course apart from  the year (2018 instead of 2009) and all that goes with it…

Jim:Yeah - the last time we worked together, I was just filling in - so, it feels a lot different this time. Also, we are all in similar places in life: John, Robby, Brad and I are all dads and we all have daughters!!! So, it’s really nice to have that connection - and we are all competing for Dad of the year.

sunfired: You’ve performed with many artists. From songstresses like Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch and Cassadee Pope, international stars like Shakira and divas like  Cher and Gwen Stefani and  a few bands  in between: (Weezer. Poison, Paul Stanley, New Radicals…). Now you’re with the Goo Goo Dolls. Can you describe their concert “vibe” and is there anything unique about it?

Jim: You are right, every show experience is different. One of the things I love about playing in the Goo Goo Dolls is how live everything is. We are a band in the true sense, where we are not really relying on tracks/computers. In that setting, you really have to be paying attention to what everyone is doing, and I really enjoy that. Also, the energy that John and Robby put out is pretty incredible. It’s fun to be a part of that and to try and add what I can.
sunfired: What song is the hardest for you to perform? And which one is most fun?

Jim: Hmmm - some of the songs are pretty tricky in trying to sing and play parts at the same time. Off hand, there is a part in So Alive (second verse) that I had to practice, but I have it down now. But, that song is one of my favorites too. Over and Over is really fun too.

sunfired: You own almost every keyboard known to man. How come you have only one on the road and why Roland RD 2000 in particular?  Do you own it?

Jim: Actually, I don’t really have that many keyboards anymore. With things moving more towards software based sounds, I tend to work a lot more with computer based sounds than actual hardware. One of the things we wanted to do was to have a very streamlined setup. I have always preferred a one keyboard setup and we were able to work with Roland and get everything I wanted/needed done with one board.

sunfired: What’s on the two MACs beside your keyboard?  (Sorry, as an IT professional I am curious)

Jim: I am using a program called MainStage, which allows me to use several different soft synth programs and combine them to get all of the sounds we use on albums to be used in a live setting.

sunfired: Favourite Goo Goo Dolls concert so far and why?

Jim: Hard to say - we had 3 shows in a row in Buffalo (where the band is from) and the first night was pretty special. The crowd and energy in the room was warm and electric. The perfect blend of excitement and emotion.

sunfired: Where was the best crowd?

Jim: Buffalo - but, we also had some amazing shows in Europe.

sunfired: What are John and Robby like?

Jim: The greatest people ever.

sunfired: C’mon, spill the some dirt on the Goo Goo Dolls!! Just joking, I know you wouldn’t even if there was any. But… what do you admire most about John and Robby?

Jim:Aside from their music, which is everything music should be (honest, melodic and lyrically meaningful), the fact that they have kept the band not only together but continuing to make great and successful records is a testament to their professionalism and loyalty - which is pretty rare in this business.

sunfired: What is your favourite Goo Goo Dolls song - beside Iris which is everyone’s favourite?

Jim: I really like So Alive. I’m sure the piano part as something to do with it :) It’s a great sing along chorus and I love playing that dirty piano sound.

sunfired: If John lets you sing one of his leads (I know, I know, it’s not gonna happen, but let’s pretend) – which one would you pick and why?

Jim: Well, Name is a pretty special song. I love that lyric.

sunfired: You haven’t played guitar in concerts in a while. Do you miss that?

Jim: Honestly, it has been a nice change and return to my roots of being a piano player. It also cuts down on all the gear I have to be aware of/keep track of/etc. There are a few times when the band is rocking and I wish I could be a little more mobile, but you can’t have it all!!!

sunfired:  And lastly, you and Brad (Fernquist) go way back. How did you guys meet and what’s special about your friendship?

Jim: Brad and I met on the audition for the New Radicals at S.I.R in Hollywood in 1998. We instantly became friends and it is pretty amazing that we are still not only great friends, but still playing together 20 years later. He is a great friend, incredible guitarist and pretty damn handsome too. What more could you want out of a friend???!!!

About Jim

sunfired: You write music all the time, but you took part in this song writing event last year.  Can you say a little more about it and how does the song writing process happen in such an environment?  How many of the 20 finished songs did you co-write and are they going to be released?

Jim: Yeah, this was a really interesting experience. I had never done a writing camp before and it is really fun to have so many creative people in one spot. We were paired in groups of 3 or 4 people and each group had 4 hours to work together. I was a part of 2 sessions in one day - and we got a really cool song from each one. The process was in some way very different from what I am used to - so, it was fun to get out of my comfort zone. And, after being on the road for the past 6 months, it was great to be back in the studio environment. The songs were geared towards different objectives (some for movie trailers, some for ads, etc.) I know some of them are being pitched already. I’m not sure about them being released just yet, but I will let you know if they come out.

sunfired: Your CV is impressive.  You are singer/songwriter, producer, sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist…   If someone put a gun to  your head and asked you to pick one thing – what would you pick? Or you die?

Jim: Well, I really don’t like those types of choices, where death is involved but I would probably choose songwriting above the others. The creative process during songwriting is something that I really enjoy - and the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you create something out of thin air is pretty special.

sunfired: You write music all the time.  It’s been ages since The Word is Falling Down.  Any plans for a  release of  new Jim McGorman  record? Or… the music album release is dead?

Jim: I started working on a batch of songs last year for me to sing and I do plan to release them at some point. Unfortunately, between my work with other artists and being a very engaged dad - the passion project takes a back seat. I will definitely let you know before I put anything out there.

sunfired: Who did you write last with and can we hear any of that?

Jim: I write almost every week, so it’s always changing. I’ve recently written with Brad (for the Goo Goo Dolls), Robb Vallier and Brandon Paddock. As soon as something gets released, I will let you know!

sunfired: Any project slotted for the future that you are excited about?

Jim: Not one in particular, but I am feeling inspired at the top of this year - and that’s always a great thing.

sunfired: How many guitars do you own at the moment? And don’t forget...

Jim: Oh, I have scaled way down. I used to have close to 40, but now it’s probably closer to 15. A few years ago, I ended up trading in a lot of newer guitars for vintage ones. Then, when I built my studio, I had to invest in more studio gear (mics, computer stuff, etc.) So, the extra guitars went bye bye.

sunfired: What bands/artists do you listen to these days?

Jim: It’s all over the map - but, from Thanksgiving until New Years, we listen to a lot of Christmas music at the house!!!

sunfired: Some movies that you’ve watched lately and which ones did you like?

Jim: Good question!! We saw the Green Book, and I thought it was really well done. Bohemian Rhapsody too! I was super excited about Vice - and though the acting was incredible, the story didn’t grab me as much. A Star Is Born was great in many ways - the acting, the directing, but again, I had some issues with the story line. That being said, I love Bradley Cooper and thought he did an amazing job directing it and Lady Gaga was incredible.

sunfired: How about TV shows?

Jim: I’m excited about the new True Detective - and of course, the new season of The Bachelor!!! hahahahaha

sunfired: What are you reading right now?

Jim: Right now, I am reading books about parenting.

sunfired: You have a 5 year old daughter. Has she seen you perform and what does she think of Daddy out there?

Jim:  She loves it. She got to come on tour last year, and it was one of the best weeks for all of us. She loved riding on the tour bus, and watching the shows. I don’t think she wanted to go home!


Third Time Was a Charm
Posted: January 10, 2019 in Music   

“And you ask me what I want this year…”

The first set of the Goo Goo Dolls show had wrapped up just minutes before.  John Rzeznik was intriguingly initiating the middle portion of the night with an acoustic rendition of “Better Days” – he was on vocals and was accompanied by, well, himself.  Digitally. On a video screen.  I can’t really begin to describe the way that three song set played out, but you can find footage online.  It’s worth the effort to track down because it was a very unique and cool thing to witness.  As had been the whole evening to that point.

Along with my wife it was Goo Goo Dolls concert number three in as many years.  Equaling the number as well of first-time venues for us in which we had been able to see them.  We had a feeling this was going to be the best show yet as it was the 20th anniversary tour of their Dizzy Up the Girl album so there would be a solid catalog of tunes we had yet to hear live.  We knew it would be a great night.

The concert was on November 3 which lucky for us fell on a Saturday.  Our plan was to leave early in the afternoon and make the half hour trip down to Seattle, grab dinner, wander around downtown, and then make our way to the Paramount.  We were running an hour or two behind our intended schedule as the day went along and were frantically trying to hurry out the door.  As I made one last trip to the bedroom to grab my jacket, I was halfway past the bathroom door when it flung open to the sight of my wife’s shocked, speechless expression and a pregnancy test shoved in my face.

We didn’t know how to react. It was something we both wanted, but in that moment, I don’t think any words were uttered for a solid minute (but who the hell really knows what our concept of time was in that instance) as we just held each other.  The change of a lifetime we had both been waiting for had just hit us like a ton of bricks with countless thoughts and emotions rattling their way through each of our bodies.  We kept asking and reassuring ourselves that it was real.  That it was finally happening.  Oh, yeah, and then remembered we had a concert to go to!

We blurrily set out on our original plans and enjoyed the few hours we had left before the show. Though this was the third year in a row seeing the band we love, each concert before had been an experience unto itself, and obviously this whole day was shaping up to be no different. The venue most certainly played its role and was a great setting for the whole thing. I personally had never been inside the Paramount before and was blown away by its intricate extravagance.  Its 1927 construction oozes with history and significance from all of those who have played there through the decades.

John, Robby Takac, and the rest of the guys proved as they always do that they can hold their own on any stage.  Their energy, their commitment to the music, but most importantly their devotion to their fans are all always on full display from the first chord strummed, to the last cymbal crashed.  John shows every night why he is one of the premiere front men in rock.

Between the intros and outros, he lets his guitar and his singing scream his enthusiasm.  Between the songs, he lets his heart and his soul do his talking.  The personable nature with which he addresses everyone in the room makes you feel as though bumping into him on the street would be no different than running into an old high school classmate.  To dig as deep into his family’s past as he did that night, to share the eye-watering sentimental story that he did about his mom when introing “Acoustic #3”, to bare his soul on paper and vinyl as he does to make a living – those can only been done to the degree that John does them by someone who truly loves those on the listening end.  What’s even better for us fans is he’s not alone up there.  Robby’s love for what he does, his love for the fans, and his love for sharing his most personal experiences via lyric all grab you by the eardrum and pull you in when he’s up on that stage.

Thankfully, on this particular November night the crowd was reciprocal of it all.  Belting out verse after verse all show long, singing back to the band with John’s mic was held out over them, and extremely accepting of the many stories John and Robby took the time to share throughout the show. Whether you were in the front row, up in the back row of the balcony, or choosing to simply hang out along the back wall down on the floor as we were – the guys never failed to make you feel like you had the best seat in the house.  It’s why we’ve seen them three years in a row and each experience was as magical as its predecessors.

It’s why we’re quite bummed that it doesn’t look too promising for us to see them a fourth year when they return to the area this coming June.  Not because it’s too far away.  Not because we’re burned out on seeing the boys from Buffalo.  No, it’s because we’ll be putting the final preparations in place for welcoming a new Goo fan.

At least, we hope they’ll grow up to have the same appreciation and love for the band that we do. If for no other reason than the fact that they and the Goo Goo Dolls came together to create our night of a lifetime.

The night our world began again.

Hey Hey In Rockers and Welcome to the next in a series of ramblings from my corner of the universe, we call this The Lobby and I’m Robby, a Goo Goo Doll, musician, producer, j-rock label owner, husband to an amazing Japanese woman and dad to a cute little halfu girl named Hana….. I’m glad you took a second to stop in this month, Welcome! ….

Since we’ve spoken last I’ve spent the past month continuing my travel around the US via tour bus with Goo Goo Dolls on our “Dizzy Up The Girl” 20th Anniversary tour, celebrating the release of the album that produced 5 singles for us and really moved us on to a new phase in our career. It was a great chance for us to do something completely different for our fans, but I’m glad to be home. The last portion of the tour had some great stops at places like the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco and The Palladium in Los Angeles. It was great to get to be in these smaller venues playing the full Dizzy album and deep cuts from our career to true GGD fans before we head out this summer on a co-headline bill with San Fran’s Train and Allen Stone for a run of larger Amphitheaters this summer.

Also this week Goo Goo Dolls have released the 2nd of a set of 2 live recordings, the last of which was called “The Audience is This Way” and the latest being entitled “The Audience is That Way ? The Rest of The Show ? Vol2”. Both of these recordings were recorded during our 2017 summer tour with Collective Soul and were released on Vinyl only on Record Store Day and Black Friday in a very limited number. We’ll be working on new music over the next few months and hopefully have something for release before this summer’s tour.

I’ve been home for about a week, doing mostly normal things like ringing my kid to school and lessons while my wife takes a quick trip to Japan and getting used to being in my house again. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the American Thanksgiving Holiday season here in the states with my family and friends, we even had family come from Mexico to celebrate with us this year. But there’s never a time of complete serene sanity in my world so I did record a single with a great band from a Buffalo, NY based indie band called The Eaves over a few days at my studio. I’ll be working on some new songs this week and I’ll let you know how that’s going next month! This morning, in about 3 hours actually, I’ll be doing a book signing for a kids book that Goo Goo Dolls are involved in called Buffalo Ato Z. The book helps support the Music is Art organization that helps support the arts here in our community.

OK, that’s it for me today, thanks for stopping in …. I’m moving on to waking up the kid, making pancakes, maybe a little finger painting and then making this whole thing happen in an awesome kind of way …. Hope you all are enjoying the change in seasons, the run up to Christmas Holiday and for goodness sakes try to stay warm!

All the best and Peace,

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