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London venue becomes first to provide tout-proof tickets


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London venue becomes first to provide tout-proof tickets
« on: September 19, 2017, 03:58 PM »

Islington Assembly Hall became digital-only as of today (September 19).

London music venue Islington Assembly Hall has become the UK’s first venue to go mobile-only, in a bid to cut out touts.

As of today (September 19), the venue will only sell tickets through music discovery and ticketing app, DICE.

DICE was set up in 2014, and sells tickets through its app, which can’t be resold through secondary agents or sold by touts outside of venues, as you have to show the ticket on the app on your phone as you enter.

The app provides users with updated stage times and info about support acts, as well as allowing fans to get refunds up to moments before the gig starts.

Islington Assembly Hall’s business manager Lucinda Brown said, “We’re so excited to be working with DICE and to be leading the way as a music venue offering mobile-first tickets. Through this partnership, we are making a stand against touts and allowing fans to have more control.”

Upcoming gigs at the 800-capacity venue include Rae Morris, Republica and Nadine Shah.

Full listings can be viewed on DICE.