Pernambuco Diary - Goo Goo Dolls bassist talks about show in Recife

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'Iris will be the highlight', comments Goo Goo Dolls bassist about show in Recife

By: Bettina Novaes Ferraz

Translated from the original

North American rock band The Goo Goo Dolls was founded in 1986, but only broke out worldwide in the late 1990s. The ensemble, originally from the city of Buffalo, New York, was already famous in its country of origin, but it was the ballad Iris that led the group's sound to be known internationally.

The hit, made especially to compose the soundtrack for the movie City of Angels (1998), was so successful that, more than twenty years after its release, it continues to be played on the radio and remembered as a classic of that era.

On September 22, Recife will have the opportunity to hear and sing this mega hit live with Goo Goo Dolls, at the band's presentation, which takes place at Arruda Stadium. They open Bon Jovi's This House Is Not For Sale tour in Brazil. The capital of Pernambuco is the first city to receive the tour, which still passes through Curitiba and São Paulo. In addition, the group's visit to the country will feature a show at the World Stage of Rock in Rio on the third night of the festival.

"I'm very happy. This opportunity is amazing because we always wanted to play in Brazil, but we never made it," says Robby Takac, bassist and founding member of the group, in an interview with Diario , about his first performance in the country in more than 30-year career - besides him, only vocalist John Rzeznik has remained in the band since its formation. "We always hear good things about Brazil, now we can fulfill this desire to know the country."

This is the second time The Goo Goo Dolls and Bon Jovi have been on stage. The two bands had toured 10 years ago. "We toured the United States with them. It was a lot of fun," recalls Robby. "I think our audiences are beautiful together and I'm looking forward to seeing this in Brazil on an international tour," comments the musician about the partnership.

New job
In addition to the songs released over the past three decades by Goo Goo Dolls, Recife will be able to check out the band's latest work, the Miracle Pill album , whose tracks have a very pop and lyrics feel. with social criticism.

The third track, which names the album Miracle Pill , is a distress call. "Baby, would you be my miracle pill? / And I could be someone else / So sick of living inside me," says an excerpt from the song. "I think this song says a lot about a lot of people," explains Robby. Do you know those days when we have a problem? So you take the pill and that fixes anything. "Still according to the bassist, this need to want an immediate solution to all setbacks is linked to modern society, which lives connected to social networks." We live in small bubbles, surrounded by people. bad, "says the bassist.

The other songs on the disc have the same theme as a starting point. Robby says this project involved the whole band and two other music producers. "We wrote the lyrics, recorded the songs and in the end we came up with a lot of different results," says the bassist about the album creation process, which has 11 tracks in total.

But for the musician, the climax of the performance will not be with any hits of the moment. Iris , the song that opened doors for the band around the world will be responsible for the most beautiful moment of the show. "This is definitely going to be the highlight," says Robby. "This song is a gift that has given us another 20 years of career. It's always wonderful to play it."