Tenhomaisdiscosqueamigo: ‘Iris’, Rock in Rio and new album

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Translated from Portuguese.

Band talks about his debut in the country and release of the great "Miracle Pill"

Per Ana Julia Tolentino 09/19/2019

Surely you have heard a lot about them or may have even listened without even knowing who they were - the band has definitely been a soundtrack for many couples in this world! However, these New Yorkers from Goo Goo Dolls show that they go beyond "Iris."

With an album about to be released, titled Miracle Pill, the band will make their debut on tour with Bon Jovi, and will start in Brazilian lands, especially as a stamped attraction for this edition of Rock In Rio. The quintet makes up the September 29 line-up, which also features Dave Matthews Band, Ivete Sangalo, and Bon Jovi.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the band's passage across the country, bassist Robby Takac, one of the original lineup along with vocalist John Rzeznik, spoke exclusively in a fun interview for TMDQA !.

After touring with the band Train in the United States, he tells us about the new album, the internet age and more details of Goo Goo Dolls' 33 years of existence. Check it out!

TMDQA !: Hi Robby! So good to talk to you, thanks for your time! This is the first time the band has arrived in South America, and the timing couldn't be better: the album release and the celebration of over 30 years of the band. How is the public response with Miracle Pill?

Robby:  It's been great! We released three singles before the album and played them during this last tour. We saw people singing and they seemed to like it. We are seeing results also in streaming platforms. However, the biggest reflection is live and see how our fans respond to it. With the record, we expect it to be the same, especially on the tour that we will do there.

TMDQA !: I wonder! The release of the album should be an adventure after three years of the release of the EP, You Should Be Happy. With these lineup changes, is the recording with the guys different now compared to the first records?

Robby:  Well, I think the last albums were very different. At first, we wrote a lot of songs, went after a producer, and from there we jumped into a studio to work on at least 14 songs for many months. Now we write and record with a few songs with different producers, which makes the sound more experimental, more diverse. Over time, we become precious with our ideas, so whether we like it or not, everything has been different.

TMDQA !: By the way, it is inevitable not to talk about “Iris” that launched over 20 years ago. Is it a problem for you to be recognized often only by it?

Robby:  This is the song that most people know and it's very special to play it live. However, we are also known for other singles, even though the casual listener knows this is our biggest hit. While it's a blessing, it's also a curse, because fans expect you to make another hit and burpst just as it did with "Iris." It's so complicated! (laughs)

Even if we have been playing it for over 20 years, they still charge us the "hit of the decade". But still, it is still an honor to be known for it, this song reaches the ears of all generations. Much of where we came from was because of it.

TMDQA !: When you burst with it in the 1990s, the music industry, and of course everything else, was very different from now. Being that the Internet is the most glaring change. When we talk about feedback and how people react to things today… do you read social media comments about the band?

Robby:  Oh, there's no way you can't pay attention to what's been happening online. I read because I know that most of the people who are there are usually those who accompany us, go to shows, interact and so on. But we are also very careful and do not take into account everything that is said, because anyone can say what they want without care. They can disclose cruelty in anonymity without being responsible for the content. But I know there are more people spreading the good and accompanying us because they like what we do.

TMDQA !: And now, with the release of the new album, how do you expect to deal with social media engagement?

Robby:  Just as I always do: filtering out the best and seeing constructive criticism. The internet is a great way to see how our music has reached this audience, especially with streaming platforms. These services open new channels for multiple people to access our music.

TMDQA !: Well, we already know that the album's debut will be in Brazil, with the Bon Jovi tour. Are you ready to deal with the intensity of Brazilian fans?

Robby:  I think it will be beyond my expectations! (laughs) And not to mention that Rock in Rio was something I heard about when I was young, like Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz: something that existed, but very unrealistic. It is indeed a great honor for us, even for so long a band. It will be our first concert on the South American tour, so we are definitely very excited about that.

TMDQA !: And I think the most important thing is to talk about Rock In Rio, are you guys doing a different show than what will be done on tour?

Robby:  I don't know if I can say different, but special. We have a great affection for this festival and, being our debut in South America, you can prepare that there will be a lot of good if it depends on us.

TMDQA !: Will you include many songs from the new album? Since it is only being released a few weeks before the Rock In Rio concert and the audience is not yet familiar.

Robby:  Some yes, especially the ones we released earlier. But I hope the fans will listen to the new album and enjoy it a lot, as we plan to show up more often.

TMDQA !: Robby, I don't think they warned you, but the name of our site is [in Portuguese] I Have More Records Than Friends. And the question is, do you have more records than friends?

Robby: (laughs) What a great name! You know what? I must have listened to more records than friends, that's the truth!