; Goo Goo Dolls prescribe a “Miracle Pill” full of accessible aggression

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 by Daniel DeSlover

Trekking through North America in support of its 12th studio release, “Miracle Pill,” Goo Goo Dolls rolled through Madison, Wisconsin, for a sold-out performance at the historic Orpheum Theater.

Goo Goo DollsFront man Johnny Rzeznik was all smiles as the group launched into the current collection’s lead track, “Indestructible,” while bassist Robby Takac energetically kicked his foot above his head to commence the 90-minute night.

The cross-generational hit-makers kept fans on their feet for the duration of the show with the sentimental rocker “Home” and the anthemic “Slide” only fueling the fervor.

A few black balloons emerged during the start of “Black Balloon” (naturally), but by the first verse, the crowd was fully immersed as more dropped from the ceiling and remained a source of swatting through the ballad “Here Is Gone,” amongst a few others

A blast of confetti accompanied the uplifting rock anthem “So Alive,” which led the playful front man to toss on a construction safety helmet as he cleared the crowded stage with a leaf blower.

Goo Goo Dolls Following all the action, the band dialed down for an acoustic set filled with “Sympathy,” “Souls In The Machine” and the breakthrough single “Name.”

Goo Goo Dolls also stayed true to its punk-tinged roots when Takac took over the vocals for the growlers “Life’s A Message,” “Another Second Time Around” and “Bringing On The Light,” while Rzeznik displayed his grit during the pop/punker “Tattered Edge” and the bluesy “Broadway” in this career-stretching display of accessible aggression.