M&G lotteries for Indianapolis/Nashville/Atlanta/Charlotte *Winners Announced!*

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Congratulations to all the winners!!

Indianapolis: Cathy M, Jean C, Kim S, Katy K, Lori B, Julie B, Vicki C, Charles C, Michelle C, Kendra D, Jenny E, Michelle H, Julia N, Stefanie W, Haley P.

Nashville: Lori C, Josh D, Leigh D, Emily P, Amanda B, Tracy B, Kristin P, Andrea R, Melissa R, Jamie S, Shelley S, Deanna S, Hollie S, Laura W, Jessica W.

Atlanta: Kyi F, Lori L, Caden S, Jamie S, James S.

Charlotte: Christie A, Valerie A, Leslie B, Christina B, Brittany B, Derek D, Valerie I, Bob K, Nicholas O, Alyssa P, Samantha R, Lucas T, April W, Cathy C.

*****Lotteries now closed*****

Click the link to enter and good luck! Remember - One entry per person per show. Lottery closes at noon, EST on September 2nd. Must be 18 to enter. Meet and Greet does not include show ticket. You MUST have a show ticket to attend the Meet and Greet. Meet and Greet is for one person only & ID must match winning name.

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I am Leslie B I think I won the meet & greet in Charlotte on 10/10. The email was inadvertently deleted.
Please, could you resend the email and I Will properly respond.

Thank you, thank you!!!                                                                                                                           Leslie B



How do I get the Meet and Greet ticket ?

Caden S.  (Atlanta Show)



I'm Christie A.   Not sure if I'm the right one.  If so, I did not receive an email.  Might've gotten my hopes up.  Lol.