1071theboss.com; Rob Acampora Celebrates Black Friday, including Black Balloon!

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Can you think of any other tunes with 'Black' in the title?

Well the impact that “Black Friday” has on our shopping experience may have peaked a few years ago.  You may have been crazy enough to get in a line about 4 hours before the store opened just to get that great TV or computer deal – Oh those were the days weren’t they?!?!?  Fact is that Black Friday is still the biggest shopping day of the year, but has lost some steam with stores actually on Thanksgiving – who can shop after having suffered a Turkey Coma?!?!

The List: Rob Acampora Salutes Rock’s One Hit Wonders
At least this day gave me an excuse to put together another edition of The List, and this time we take the “Black” part of this day.  We could have recognized the Friday part of this day with The Cure’s Friday I’m In Love, but it seemed to clash with the total darkness (can you feel that?)
Usual rules apply for The List – all songs were hits of some ilk.  No music from David Bowie’s Black Tie White Noise  album made the cut, but those that are included paint …….. well, a Black picture!
1)  Squeeze  —  Black Coffee In Bed  (a good start to this day!)
2)  AC/DC  —  Back In Black  (…. for another Black Friday!)
3)  Rolling Stones  —  Paint It Black  (if they didn’t, they would not make this list!)
4)  Soundgarden  —  Black Hole Sun  (still the biggest hit of their career from ‘94)
5)  Soul Asylum  —  Black Gold  (Top-5 Rock and Alternative hit from ‘92)
6)  Pearl Jam  —  Black  (getting very grungy here!)
7)  Doobie Brothers  —  Black Water  (that this ends the Grunge Block)
8) My Chemical Romance  —  Welcome to the Black Parade  (This editing of The List is a Parade of “Black” songs)
9) The Beatles  —  Blackbird  (one of the most covered songs in American Idol history!)
10) Alannah Myles  —  Black Velvet  (Little Known Fact: Myles was a Grammy nominee in ‘92 for her song “Song Instead of A Kiss”)
11) KT Tunstall  —  Black Horse and The Cherry Tree  (all we need now is George Washington?)
12) Goo Goo Dolls  —  Black Balloon  (one of 5 hit songs from the album Dizzy Up The Girl)
13) Santana  —  Black Magic Woman  (that old Black Magic has me …… quoting the wrong song!)
14) Led Zeppelin  —  Black Dog (that Black Dog is never mentioned in the song!)
15) Ram Jam  —  Black Betty  (bam-ba-lam!)
16) Black Crowes  —  Hard To Handle  (Black in the band name counts!)
17) Black Sabbath  —  Paranoid (…. and we can stop here!)
Time for me to find some leftovers and get back to work!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!