GGD credited for songwriting and production on two Justin Bieber hits?

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So I was Wikipedia browsing and stumbled upon a GGD reference on the page for Justin Bieber's album Purpose:

According to that page, Johnny is credited as a songwriter for "What Do You Mean?" and "Sorry," and the band and producer Rob Cavallo are credited for production. Obviously, Wikipedia can easily contain faulty information, but this feels a little too random and obscure for someone to add it without a reason.

Since as far as we know they didn't work with Bieber, and given the fact that Cavallo is mentioned, I think that maybe this is a copyright issue, where the band/Cavallo/Warner Bros. thought that one or both of these songs was a little too similar to a GGD song and therefore demanded royalties. These types of situations are often settled out of court to avoid lawsuits that generate a ton of negative publicity and further complications (e.g., The Fray are credited on the Chainsmokers hit "Closer" because of melodic similarities to "Over My Head":

So that got me thinking: what GGD song(s) might be the reason for this? Rob Cavallo's involvement means it would have to be from the period of ABNG through Magnetic. But I can't think of any GGD song that sounds remotely like "What Do You Mean" or "Sorry."

Anyone have an idea? Or any idea on why they're listed on that Wikipedia page? AG team, any behind-the-scenes info?