Velv Magazine - Goo Goo Dolls Flooded with Nostalgia at the Pepsi Center

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Goo Goo Dolls / Noise Pink

May 13, 2019 / Pepsi Center

Photos: Courtesy OCESA / César Vicuña

It has been 33 years since the birth of the Buffalo band (New York), created by guitarist / vocalist Johnny Rzeznik and bassist / vocalist Robby Takac . Time goes by quickly and for a band to stay current is the real challenge of their careers. Not everyone enjoys that popularity that keeps them and that is true, when we heard the name Good Good Dolls in Mexico, caused two types of reaction, melancholy and curiosity to see that band.

This group has marked us throughout the years and it is the true fans that keep them in force, even having presentations in the United States has become a bit complicated for them. It is something sad and at the same time a good thing that the main ingredient of the lineup is melancholy, who have known how to exploit all these years, returning to "Iris" a hymn that is passed down from generation to generation and it is true that the band sounds so well live, as in any of his albums and another thing that must be demonstrated is that they are a band completely delivered to the moment, to their audience and to be able to continue doing what they love the most.

Goo Goo Dolls returned to Mexico to be part of the second edition of the Corona Capital Guadalajara festival , accompanied by great acts on stage such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tame Impala and The Chemical Brothers. The set of the Americans was accompanied by the classics, as well as their most recent proposals that come from the album Boxes (2016). On Monday they offered a solo show at the Pepsi Center , where Ruido Rosa was the act in charge of warming up the audience to leave us with the Buffalo group.

Accompanied by a set of more than 20 pieces, GGD left everything on the stage and is that with a forum not so full, they managed to make their presentation a memorable event. Passion and delivery was what distinguished its members in each moment who went from one place to another making the forum vibrate. It was about making us laugh and it is that the charisma of Rzeznik, was present in each moment that he had, you could hear some "Eooo" from left to right and he asked the pubic to give himself more, while Robby, motivated us to applaud again and again to the rhythm of pieces like "Dizzy" and "Slide" , remembering his sixth studio album Dizzy up the girl .

The night continued to the rhythm of works like "Big machine", "Rebel beat", "Here is gone" and "Black balloon" , making the majority of the audience cheer this last piece. It was time to listen to the voice of Robby, who played "January friend" and "Free of me" . While Rzeznik took us to acoustic moments dominated by "Sympathy" and "Can not let it go" .

Moments later we heard the first chords of what was ultimately the most anticipated song of the night. "Iris" has been the anthem that this band planted in their career and that is that air of malcomía and liberation was what breathed at that time. I can not do justice to define the perfection of the moment and to be able to listen to that song that we hear so much again and again, that we ask who will have written it or that work that simply is part of the soundtrack of our lives. These are the moments for which it is worth saving, traveling just by listening to a song, sharing the moment that makes us infinite with all the attendees and being a single soul chanting again and again the letters that seem to permeate our memory and They hoped to break the knot in the throat to be able to leave.

We said goodbye to Good Good Dolls, who expressed their gratitude at every moment, delivered everything on stage and showed that not only are they a one hit wonder , but they are a band that knows how to do their thing on stage, simply delivering everything .

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