Revista Kuadro: “I am a Goo Goo Doll and this is what I need to do”

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By Mariana Velasco

Translated from Spanish

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Difficult to believe or not, the legendary Goo Goo Dolls released much more music after the famous "Iris", which led them to international success in 1998 despite being a song that challenged everything they had done up to then, and marked a new era in his style. It is a band that has gone through several transitions of members and the only ones that have remained at the bottom of the canyon are Johnny Rzeznik (voice, guitar) and Robby Takac (voice, bass).

With 11 studio albums, they came to Mexico to offer their first solo show in all of history in our country, at the Pepsi Center WTC. The reason for their visit was the release of their second live album The Audience Is This Way / That Way (two parts), and they also had the opportunity to play at Corona Capital Guadalajara and Monterrey. "It was huge, very dusty but very funny, and we did very well to be our first tour in Mexico," says Johnny, while Robby expresses that they wanted to come for a long time and feel very happy to be here.

Goo Goo Dolls is a band that started in punk rock with loud, energetic and very contagious songs that accompanied generations of people, but as we grew up with them, Johnny and Robby also grew up together, and little by little they left adapting to the new musical sounds and paying attention to their hearts. This is how "Iris" was born, his greatest hit: "I would say that it was a time of change and many creative entrances, it was a period of emotional transition in our lives, and from there we got into the music as much as we could. "

Leaving punk rock was something natural for this duo, and they continued to work as best they could. They retained their rock essence and vibrated merrily, but the music softened a lot and even so they continued to position themselves in the most popular lists. His most recent studio album Boxes came out in 2016 and to show that they fit everything, they made an incredible collaboration in "Flood" with Sydney Sierota, leader of Echosmith. Sydney is one of the most outstanding young talents of recent years: "I think she is incredibly talented, we were lucky to cross over. She's much younger than us, but she's great, she's very professional, I love working with her. And "Flood" is a great song, "says Johnny.

To continue with this evolution, the Goo Goo Dolls will release their next studio album entitled Miracle Pill in September: "we made collaborations with very interesting people and we hired many incredible musicians and soul singers, so there will be many different things. There's a lot to grab creatively on, I'm a Goo Goo Doll and that's what I need to do, not pigeonhole. The point of the title of the album is that precisely there is no 'miracle pill', that is, there is no instant gratification, but we simply have to believe that something good is going to happen soon. "

The years have passed and Johnny and Robby continue using classic recording methods mixed with the latest technology, which has helped them to keep their productions having a lot of personality. "We use a lot of old-school techniques and they make a big difference, I'm a 50-year-old tape recorder fan that's broken, we connect things and we record through it, it makes horrible sounds when it works but the result is very good. With technology you can manipulate things in many ways: if I can not sing well or touch something, the computer fixes it, but I think it loses its soul, "says Johnny, on a par with Robby who says" the possibilities are endless, you find textures you never expect to find. "

Goo Goo Dolls start their summer tour in June and hope to work on a new EP, but they also want to rest: "although I do not know for how long, because I'm an obsessive at work and I need to be doing something, but we'll see how we're feeling ", Concludes Rzeznik.


Another great article and interview. Can't wait to hear the magic of Miracle Pill!  I love how John says he's a goo goo doll and he can't pigeonhole.  One of the things I love about this band is how they take risks and are constantly growing and trying new things. That takes confidence in their abilities and their fans. A new EP would be great! Now not too sure about rest. John always says he gets restless when he's not working. Hardest working band! Thanks guys!! See you soon💗