G1 – Goo Goo Dolls Says World Has Been Lonelier After ‘Iris’ and 1998 Hit Remembers Better Time


Goo Goo Dolls Says World Has Been Lonelier After ‘Iris’ and 1998 Hit Remember Better Time

G1 spoke to vocalist and bassist behind the scenes in Rock in Rio about the romantic success of 1998 and about the band’s new album that seeks lost ‘real connection’ between people; see VIDEO.

By Rodrigo Ortega, G1

“Iris”, the biggest hit of the 1998 Goo Goo Dolls, spoke of dropping everything to touch a loved one and living in a present moment knowing that sooner or later it will pass.

Two decades after their biggest success, singer John Rzeznik and bassist Robby Takac see the world differently: people who don’t really connect and live in the internet and mobile world, not the real world.

They talked about the pre- and post-Iris world behind the scenes at the Rock in Rio show, on the band’s first Brazilian tour in 33 years of career.

“The world changed forever soon after that. There was this explosion of technology that was too much for people,” says Rzeznik.

“I don’t think we were ready for the internet. No one understood the impact it would have and the negative side of it. I’m not sure if it has brought the world closer or made people more separate,” he adds.

Is one of the pleasures that attracts so many people today to a song like “Iris” that caused a commotion in Rock in Rio, is to evoke such a more intimate and real world that no longer exists?

“I think this is a cool idea, I think it’s something that people expect. I think there’s a lot of fear these days that people didn’t have before, so I think that touches it,” says Robby Takac.

The band’s new album, “Miracle pill”, defends just this return, says Rzeznik.

The title track talks about another kind of connection: chemistry. In this case, he talks about love, but in a metaphor with healing via pills. What has influenced Rzeznik’s experience with rehab clinics in this lyrics and album?

“Going to rehab makes you think about life in a different way. Trying to run out of drink is challenging. But my life just got so much better … Sometimes I miss 1 bottle of wine, or 2, 3, 4, at dinner. But I’m happier now. My wife likes me again, “celebrates the singer.

Click link to watch the video interview – https://g1.globo.com/pop-arte/musica/rock-in-rio/2019/noticia/2019/10/02/goo-goo-dolls-diz-que-o-mundo-ficou-mais-solitario-apos-iris-e-hit-de-1998-lembra-tempo-melhor.ghtml

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