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The world star band is touring Europe soon, Robby Takac just gave us an interview.

Since last year’s Sziget Festival concert, more and more people know that your grandfather is of Hungarian descent. Our whole country is proud of you! Did you ever come to Hungary when you were a child, or perhaps on holiday in Hungary?

It was the first time I had traveled to Hungary. Unfortunately, it was so short that I didn’t really have a chance to explore much, but from the car I saw the palaces and the wonderful architecture that I only saw in the books as a child. We were in Eastern Europe for the first time and were impressed by the reception. By the way, my parents were in Hungary when I was a child, but I think I was always sent to Grandma for a week.

What information do you have about Hungary? Have you ever heard of our famous gastronomy, do you have any favorite food?

The paprika chicken and of course the goulash I know. I quit drinking a few years ago, and since then I have been passionate about exploring different cuisines and trying out a lot of wonderful food on our European tour.

Let’s talk about your childhood. You grew up in Buffalo and that is very important to you. In some interviews I have seen you help the “artistic world” of the city. This mentality is very rare. Why is this relationship so important to you in your hometown?

I think if you know and listen to your voice, this should be used to help you do the good things that influence you as you grow up. Art gave me the feeling in my childhood that I had superpower. Everyone has to find this superpower inside!

What inspired you to be a bass player first? Who was your first favorite, your role model?

I was the youngest kid in the area, so that’s why the older kids who had bands put me on bass. You know, like when the smallest kid in the area is going to be a goalkeeper all the time in football …. I just accepted the post because it was a great way to hang out with the older guys (and finally meet some girls!) become.

Your new album, Miracle Pill, is a really thoughtful album for me. In my opinion, every song is musically strong and the lyrics have a deep background. What songs do you think will become cult songs from the album, like Iris, Slide or my personal favorite, Here is gone?

Cult, huh? This sounds very flattering, but it also has a karmic responsibility! In fact, we only write songs that mean something to us, and we hope they resonate with others. So I think it will be up to the audience to decide.

Johnny said in several interviews that the new album focuses on human relationships and the issues raised by social media. Who do you think will understand your message better for adults or children / teenagers? What do you think of this accelerated, materialistic world we live in?

I think things are changing so fast these days that people don’t take the time to experience the beauties of everyday life. No one stops smelling the roses today. You do not necessarily need to change just because our environment is changing or struggling to keep up with others who are also doing their own thing around you in their own way.

After all of the above, I have to ask what would you change at the moment in the music industry if you had the opportunity?

I would probably try to make the music more tangible again, instead of just being digitally broadcast over the air …. When music was actually and physically present in our world, it was treated with more respect.

You’re absolutely right. Let’s go back to the music! I would like to ask you, with such stunning discography, which 3 songs would you choose behind you that summarize your career? After 30 years, what’s the secret to renewal?

Probably our first album, Dizzy Up The Girl, and our latest album, Miracle Pill, which can give everyone a great idea of ​​where we come from, where we are and where we are! I think we need to be open to new trends, not exclude them, and boldly draw on them. John is always very active in following these musical innovations and this is a huge help in our development.

9. Last but not least, you are currently touring in the US and then going to the UK. Are you planning some concerts in Europe or are you just concentrating on summer festivals? What are your future plans for 2020?

We will come back sooooooooooooon !!!!!!!!!!

The interview was conducted by Lazár Lobó-Szalóky


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