The Goo Goo Dolls will play in Austria at Arena Wien on August 14th!

When: August 14th, at 8PM.

Where: Vienna, Austria 

The arena is a venue in Vienna-Highway, which is an alternative cultural centre, especially for youth culture, concerts of various directions and other music events. In summer it is also used as an open-air cinema.
The arena is located in an industrial environment in the area of the city of Berg and originated from an area formerly used as a slaughterhouse. It is operated by the Association Forum Arena Wien, which operates autonomously and democratically.
The arena’s event area consists essentially of an outdoor area and a small and large hall. There are several bars. Food and snacks are usually sold on the open-air grounds as needed. The bare brick walls, which originate from the former industrial architecture, are partly decorated with graffiti and make up the special charm of the arena. A well-visible chimney is also preserved.
Regularly recurring events in the arena include Roadtrip to outta space, therapy sessions, mainframe, Eyesprung and Iceberg, the local Heroes band competition, and in the summer the Arena week and the Arena Summer cinema. The FM4 Birthday Festival takes place once a year, in each winter.

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