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While rock music still makes the most money, it’s no longer trending in popular music like in the 1990s. Of what bands such as U2 – who are dominating the ranks of gains – etc – are making nostalgia. Someone calls it nostalgia and somebody’s warming up yesterday’s dinner. Many Czech fans, Goo Goo Dolls, have so far only been able to win the dinner, as the American duo, for its thirty-two-year career, has performed historically for the first time on Sunday (August 12th).

It seems that Goo Goo Dolls has reached the top of their career a long time since receiving three Grammy Awards in 1999 for their Iris movie . It may sound like a generalization of the entire action, but in almost all cases on the Internet as the most outstanding attribute Goo Goo Dolls occurs mainly their “role” in the film City of Angels (City of Angels). The main dilemma before the concert was whether it really is a band with success based on one major hit.

Goo Goo Dolls burst onto the podium half an hour after the last tune of Czech rock hopper  Nano. Pair of Johnny Rzeznik (vocals, guitar) and Robby Tukac (vocals, bass) shared a podium with a three-person guideline (guitar, keyboards, drums). The modest podium supplemented the projected static Goo Goo Dolls logo , no unnecessary stitches. 

The set was stacked in a way that did not hurt – the pop songs alternated with the rockers. Casually dressed Rzeznik among the songs entertained the audience with funny notes and Tukac, besides accompanying his game with remarkable dance creations, Rzeznik had several times moved to the microphone. Of both the musicians , she played a clear joy of gambling , which was still dazzling when the club played their biggest hit with them.  Goo Goo Dolls, with their modest yet honest show, returned Lucerne to ninety ; but who was waiting for yesterday’s remnants, he got it pretty nicely.


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