Goo Goo Dolls do not think that there will ever be a ‘second Iris’

Sunday, the Goo Goo Dolls play in the Amsterdam Melkweg, twenty years after their breakthrough in the Netherlands with the song Iris. But there is never a successor to that song, expected frontman and singer John Rzeznik.

The band was founded in 1986 and has been performing for more than thirty years. “I am proud that we have been together for so long and in that time scored fourteen hits,” said 52-year-old Rzeznik in conversation with
The band members had not expected that they would still make music thirty years ago. “I thought we would be dead by now”, jokes the lead singer and co-founder of the Goo Goo Dolls. “No, but seriously: we broke up after ten years, and we had to work really hard for a bit of success.”

In 1995 the big success for the Goo Goo Dolls in America started with their fifth album A Boy Named Goo. After the release of their single Name, the real commercial success started and that led them to sign with Warner Bros, a record company. The album Dizzy Up the Girl came out on that label in 1998 and also included the hit Iris, which made the band for the soundtrack of the hit movie City of Angels with Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage. In the Netherlands, the single ended up at number eight in the top 40.

Second Iris

“It was fantastic to be able to write a text that allows people to identify themselves,” says Rzeznik. He does not mind at all that a large part of the people only knows Iris from their repertoire. “The audience is singing around the world, great, is not it?” Other artists I know sometimes hate the song that caused them to pay a house in Malibu now How can you hate the song that made you a millionaire ? ”
Despite the great success the singer does not think that there will ever be a ‘new Iris’. “If I tried to write such a song now, it would not be sincere, there will never be another Iris, hell no.”

Drink and girl

The singer noticed that people treated him and his band members differently when they became more famous. “We did not change, but many people, including a lot of friends, suddenly started to act differently to us.” Some were genuinely happy that we had such a success, others were suddenly going to be hateful and claiming that we had changed because we liked it so much. The biggest misconception that exists about artists, by the way, well, if I really wanted to, I would have changed more. ”
Nevertheless, certain things are now very different compared to the early years of the band, he says. “Then we were in our twenties and probably a bit wilder, you’re really a boy, you drink as much as you can and try to get as many girls as possible, now we lead a boring life compared to then.” laughs Rzeznik.
“Well, a little duller than that, of course, we have a fascinating life in comparison with most peers: we travel around the world and make music that we can get by, how well can you have it?”
The fact that their private life looks a lot quieter now, contributes to the fact that they can still survive the band life. “When we come home there is no drink, no drugs, we do not have to go after women, it’s a simple life,” laughs the front man, who is married to Melina and has a one-year-old daughter.
“A child can make you realize that you really are not that important, and when my daughter walks into the room she immediately steals the show.”

By: Koeleman

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