5 thoughts on “The End of the Year Podcast!

  1. I can’t with you guys! your awesome and i love these podcasts! Now im only…cough****31, but i was just telling a check out guy that elf was a classic now for christmas. So classic in fact that i have it on vhs Merry Christmas and happy new year! hope you enjoy your time off with friends and family!!! Can’t wait for what you guys have in store for 2020!

  2. Love listening to your podcasts. It’s great to get information regarding concerts, contests and m&g info, but even better to listen to the two of you – thank you for making me laugh!

  3. I know I listened on the date of the cast♡ too funny..and lived ‘underwater spiders are delicious ‘…’Careful Santa’s watchung’ LOL

  4. Once again. .I’ll leave a post..fingers crossed it goes through. .Love the podcast .you two are hilarious. .Thanks for all yiu two do..♡
    Can’t wait for 2020 and continue the adventures

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