4 thoughts on “The Miracle Pill Fall Tour Wrap Up!

  1. Love it guys! Can’t wait for the contests and festivus! You all at a.g are awesome. New jersey was a blast and meeting annie was a highlight (next time gen!) And a well deserved holiday break for all the hard work you guys do for us all year. Thank you❤

  2. I love these podcasts & everything you guys do for us fans!! Your the best!! No matter how bad things get for me I can always look forward to seeing that Birthday wish from you & finding some Amazing contest when I feel like all is lost. So Thank You for being the best Fan Page out there on the web!! Enjoy your Christmas & New Years off! And feel free to dump all the old merch on us for Festivus that your willing to part with 😉

  3. Completely agree that the live version of Autumn Leaves moved the song higher on the album favorites list. I had to vote for Fearless just because it’s my favorite and it’s now tattooed on my arm, in John’s handwriting ❤️
    Thanks for everything you ladies do! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you while in AC!

  4. We love these podcasts. You know we can’t get enough GOO! And thanks for everything you guys do, you ABSOLUTELY rock!

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