4 thoughts on “Ticket Sales, A New Goo Video & Another Reason Why Ticketmaster Sucks

  1. Hey ladies! I really enjoyed your podcast lol. You guys were really laid back and open and I love that. I almost wanted to grab a cup of coffee and join you. Thanks for all the great work you do!

  2. Love listening!! Totally right with ticketmaster. I was so disappointed, but still manage to get a decent seat. When i went to check when general went out the seat next to me was double! So crazy! Will you guys be heading to any shows this tour? Maybe boston? Would love to see you guys. Maybe get to meet gen this time around!

  3. I love your Podcast. .you two..funny as hell. I’ll hope we can meet up for drinks ..I’ll be laughing so hard I’d need Depends LOL♡♡

  4. Hi Annie & Gen,
    Another fun to listen to podcast. Hey Gen, love your cannon idea for concerts. We’ll take the old shirts off your hands! You’re both right about hearing the Goo Goo zdolls live. They are so awesome. My husband never listened to them seriously until I dragged him to a concert. Now he’s totally hooked and loves going to see them!

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