Tribuna – Goo Goo Dolls talks about expectation for concert in Curitiba, opening for Bon Jovi

Translated from the original Portuguese

By Alex Silveira

With a presentation scheduled for September 27th in Curitiba, opening the Bon Jovi concert at the Paulo Leminski Quarry, the American band talked with the report from the Tribuna do Paraná to tell a little about their expectation regarding the visit to the capital of Paraná. , in addition to three other cities that will receive the same tour. The band, founded in 1986 by vocalist Johnny Rzeznik, bassist Robby Takac and drummer and former member George Tutuska, became famous with the song Iris, from the soundtrack of the movie City of Angels (1998), and is preparing for release. of a new album, besides the tour in Brazil.

Over the phone, singer Johnny Rzeznik said he was excited about his first performance in Brazil. He is already researching information about Curitiba over the internet and expects a warm welcome from the public. We told him that the audience here is warm, likes good music and enjoys rock music, but is also demanding and eager for the arrival of the tour. “How nice. I am happy to know. We expect a warm welcome. We will also do our best to please everyone, ”he said.

“For the first time in Brazil, we are preparing a special setlist of the most popular songs for everyone to identify with. Let’s choose songs that we like a lot. That everyone will like it too, ”he said. Who bet on the presence of the famous Iris can be carefree. “This song is like a gift. We were blessed by her as our career took off. When we are together playing Iris with the band, we feel a very good energy, which we try to transmit to fans. They are good vibes, ” he said.

Rzeznik reveals that the country is a big market for them and that playing the tour with Bon Jovi has been a good opportunity. “Our live performance turns out to be for thousands of people. I’m sure the public in Curitiba will have a fantastic experience. We want everyone to dive into the setlist as much as fans from Europe, the United States and Japan toured. As the band that will open the show for Bon Jovi, we will work hard to make a great show, ”commented the singer. “Although the band has never been there, social networks connect us. The public knows who we are. Of course, playing the stage, straight to the fans, is a different story. That’s when everyone can say hello, can connect. I also want to connect, live this moment, ”said the singer.

In Brazil, Goo Goo Dolls performs first in Recife (PE) on September 22nd. Then, on the 25th, he plays in São Paulo (SP); in Curitiba the show will be on the 27th, at Pedreira Paulo Leminski; and the last performance will be on the 29th, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), inside Rock in Rio 2019. In parallel to the tour shows, which started in June and go until October, Goo Goo Dolls continues working with Miracle Pill (in ‘miracle pill’), the band’s 12th studio album (11 tracks), with a worldwide release promised for September 13th. The recordings are by Warner Records and the production was announced over a month ago.

A taste of what the public will find on the album tracks is on Youtube . The Miracle Pill  (track 3) music video features Johnny Rzeznik and Robby Takac in white outfits, white instruments, in a white room decorated with white furniture. The colors slowly appear, with the musicians throwing portions of paint all over the space as the “miracle pill” takes effect. They both even take the pills. The joy is so much that left for the furniture and entitles the showers of shredded papers, just like those used in football championships finals. Directed by Ed Gregory & Dan Cooper.

“I wanted to sing about the need for human connection and the constant change we go through as people. This work incorporates these themes and I think we can all relate to each other, ”said Rzeznick of the album. “On social networks, our fans comment that it has been a good experience. Want to be well, take a pill. Want to lose weight, take a pill. Want to relate, take a pill. It’s the picture that people want everything at once, ”he says.

With over 30 years together as a band, over 12 million albums sold and 14 number one Hot Top 10 hits on Hot AC, Miracle Pill finds Goo Goo Dolls in a great mood. The album’s entire music collection offers engaging musicality, excitement, and intimate, relatable lyrics that reflect the current scenario of instant gratification and relief that everyone seems to be seeking.

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